Ingenium Examines the Shackles
1 Fate discount.

These are not a truly physical thing but, on closer inspection, have a faint blue glow to them. These shackles are the item binding you to this place, wherever ‘this place’ is. If you were to move too far from them or break them it is likely there would be consequences.

Thaddius Examines the Cell Protections

The protections in place here are an extremely potent form of artifice and magic which is very much designed to keep you here. It has the unmistakable hallmarks of Dazak’s handiwork. It – and all cell protections like this – will cost you 20 Fate to overcome the first time. It may get cheaper as you become more familiar with the exact workings.

Silvana Interacts with Dazak
1 Fate discount

Dazak seems to notice you all, collectively, for the first time as Silvana approaches.

“I was here to listen to this man’s testimony.” Dazak gestures towards the Beaten Captain. “But there is only supposed to be one person here. I do not know who you are or why you are here. Something very strange is going on. This lends credence to his words.”

Dazak looks to the Guards. “Let them out of there. I will handle this situation myself.”

The Guards open the cell door and you are free to leave.

Phillip Investigates Magic Mantically
1 Fate Discount

This cell has been locked through means more powerful than the Mantic realm. The blending of magic feels … strange, here. All the realms of magic are present, but each and every one of them has been changed in some fundamental fashion compared to what you are used to. Enough remains the same that you can tell the cell is designed specifically to cage beings as powerful as you, but this strangeness spreads out far beyond this one room.

Kincaid Investigates the Source
3 Fate Discount

The cell is designed to dampen and weaken your connection to the Nexus, but it has not been configured quite right. Your connection is different and … so is this Nexus.


This is where you were preparing to visit. The Nexus is all around you. It stretches for miles below and above. Vast amounts of power, enough to change worlds, and someone has altered all of it to twist it more towards Him.

And you are sure it is a Him.



As you step out into the hallway, Dazak seems to be the only person who truly pays attention to you. Despite initial suspicion, the guards soon seem to regard you as ultimately unremarkable and close the cell behind you. The Beaten Captain follows with you, limping slightly.

There are three Jail Cells around your own which are similarly occupied.

The first contains a Proud Woman who stands defiantly in the middle of the room, glaring at the guards. Though she has bruises, she is unbowed by them.

The second contains a Crazed Old Man who is scrawling continually on the walls and floor with a set of charcoal pens, muttering to himself.

The third contains a Basanic Peasant who waistcoat has had some of the buttons torn off. He is in prayer, tears streaking his cheeks.

The corridor stretches to the left and right for quite some distance before rounding away.

The Captain begins to lead you towards the left. “We’ll get to the hangars this way, I will show you my ship.”

There are more cells down the right hand path though they are too distant to make out from here. There is also a heavily fortified door opposite them.


Action Type Fate Points
Speak with Dazak Interact 4
Speak with Guards Interact 4
Speak with the Beaten Captain Interact 4
Interact with the Proud Woman Interact 4
Copy the Crazed Old Man’s scrawls Interact 8
Interact with the Basanic Peasant Interact 4
Go down the right hand path Move 4 +1 per person beyond the first.
Break out a prisoner Obstacle 15-30
Examine the Magical Aura (Repeatable 1/Realm & may be performed anywhere) Threat 1-14
Step back into your cell for some reason Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.
Break Kincaid’s Shackles Obstacle 60-100


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