Your Day at RoC

A typical day event kicks off at 9am and lasts until between 4 and 7pm. All the characters participating on the event receive an in character briefing, detailing their objectives for the day. They are then sent on their way to question, investigate, or fight as needed.

It is this responsibility of the Player Characters (PCs) to achieve the task that has been laid before them, but they can attempt to do this in any way they wish, and the story is likely to take many different turns depending on the actions and choices of those in the party. RoC ensures that the players really do control the story, you have autonomy over your characters, their beliefs and subsequent actions and, for good or bad, there will likely be consequences.

Checklist of things to definitely bring:

  • Your Costume
  • Your Weapons (these can be provided on temporary loan from the system if notice is given)
  • Your Phys-Reps and other kit
  • Sturdy shoes/boots that are comfortable, waterproof and provide good ankle support (you will be spending the day in the woods, and the terrain can sometimes be difficult)
  • Warm clothes in winter – we don’t want anybody freezing!
  • Lunch and snacks – LARPing, especially on a combat heavy event, can be particularly draining, so make sure you keep those salt and sugar levels up!
  • Water – VITAL. You must stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Please make any allergies or medical conditions that might affect your day known to the refs prior to arrival.
  • Clothes to change into after the event
  • Wet wipes if you’re planning a character who wears heavy make up!



RoC is a high fantasy, high hit system – you’ll be calling a damage code when 

you hit someone, and they will be calling something when they hit you! It can be hard to remember how much damage you’ve taken or figure out how injured you are, so after every combat encounter, the players take a short time out of the game to record what happened in the fight. It helps you know how injured you are, and how much of your power you’ve used. It also gives the crew a rest, and the players get a chance to grab a drink and some food.

For this, we use a battleboard, which records your character’s skills, power points and LOC (the amount of damage each location can take). If you give us a shout before your first event, then we will be happy to go through it with you.

Booking on to an event

An individual or a group can book an event, costs can be found on the Costs page and availability of a date on the Calendar. It is often possible to join other groups by invitation, do not be afraid to introduce yourself we are all friendly and if one event isn’t suitable we will direct you to a better choice.

Bookings go up around a month in advance on the forums, and players have the chance to request a specific date. Once the month’s events are booked in, invitations to the event will be set up on Facebook, and you can declare your attendance as either a player or a crewman. If you don’t have Facebook, you can always confirm your attendance on the forums.

There is also a short blurb, which will give you a flavour for the event, helping you to decide which is best for you.

And don’t forget, your first standard day event is free!


Experience (XP)

After events, those involved usually gather in a pub close to the event site to talk about the highs and lows of the day, grab abeer with the crew and enjoy each other’s company. RoC is as much a community as it is a LARP system, so you’ll often find people who weren’t on the event will come along afterwards to see their friends and hear about the events of the day.

During this time, the Ref will give you a debrief. This is normally a summary of what you have achieved, and the consequences of your actions in character, as well as explaining any plot points that couldn’t be covered in the event. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personal achievements and anything you weren’t so keen on, so that we can perfect our game for you as a player as you continue to grow.

This is also when we discuss the scoring and the experience you’ll gain as a result of your performance on the day. Scoring, and the awarding of experience points is based on three separate elements of your day at RoC; Performance, Role Play and Costume. These will add up to a score of around 100 points per event, which you can then spend on improving your characters’ skills and abilities. You may also gain other awards, such as magical items, piety to the Gods and Goddesses, and Influence.


Your games would not be able to go ahead without a ref, and a number of crewmen and women whose job it is to ensure that your monsters are bloodthirsty and your Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are interesting and believable.

If an event isn’t the right level or topic for your character, and you still want to get out in the woods, then do come and crew!

Not only will you earn System Credits (making your games cheaper, or giving you future bonuses) but you’ll have an excellent time alternately helping and foiling the players whilst being given the opportunity to progress the story. Not only that, someone will probably buy you a beer afterwards. Can’t say fairer than that.