Professional – Magical

Fighting applies to a broad range of people in the Rising of Chaos to the extent that almost all characters are likely to have trained in combat. Professional skills cover the areas of speciality that you might have as a “job” such as physician or hunter.

What kind of skills are there?

  • There are four groups of professional skills:
    • Academic and Crafting – The Academic side covers your “Book Learned” skills and how you have applied them to your character. Examples such as Engineering and Lore fall into this category. The Crafting side covers your “Hands On” skills of making and building and how you have applied them to your character. Examples such as Alchemist and Artificer fall into this category.
    • Aptitude – These cover your “Natural” and “Outdoorsy” skills with examples such as Hunting people and Natural Intuition falling into this category.
    • Chirurgical – These cover your skills as a physician, healer and immunologist with examples such as Bandaging and Splinting.
    • Casting – These are alien to real life and cover the skills that you need to be a successful magic user in RoC. They will need a read through to get your head around.

How do I gain these skills?

  • Some of them you choose when you start and they will determine your profession.
  • The rest you buy with Endeavour

Do they work in a different way?

  • The Majority of these skills let you use the Omni Deck to see if you can achieve something
  • Some skills just require roleplaying
  • Others will have variation but will be described in their section.

Magical Skills

Skill and Cost in Endeavour Description
Cast Magic – 3
  • Choose a Style of Magic from Source, Focus, Weave, Wyld or Psionic
  • Gain the Ability to now cast that magic
  • May cast 0 and 1 Magnitude Spells
  • May make Backlash Checks: This does not allow you to add any suits to the Backlash Card which must be done with the suits indicated
  • May  make Casting Checks on Feat Sheets: This does not allow you to add any suits to the Feat sheet which must be done with the suits indicated
Magnitude Enhancement – 1 per Rank May cast the next magnitude of spells in the chosen magic type
Backlash Enhancement – 2 Adds one suit to all Backlash Checks
Casting enhancement – 2 Adds one suit to all Casting checks
Affinity – 3 Replace one of your backlash cards with one of another flavour. You MUST always have at least one of each type
Backlash Boost – 4 Stepdown all downsides to all Backlash Cards of your choice by 1 Rank to a Maximum of 4.
Backlash Gain – 2 Increase the benefit of one Backlash Card of your choice to a Maximum of 4.
Defiance – 2 Gain 1 Defiance
Expulsion of the Flesh – 2 Character may now attempt to cure any Magical Injuries from a Wound Feat Sheet. Caster must attach a Feltek Device by the two prongs to the patients most damaged location and by used of the pump expel the magical energies out into the atmosphere. Use casting check for this skill.