Tactical Skills

Tactics represent your ability to beat opponents in battle through your characters training rather than your own personal abilities.

How I buy them?

  • You purchase the skill Tactics which gives you one Tactical Point
  • You then purchase any of the Tactical Skills once
  • You may NEVER have more than 10 Tactical Points

How do I use them?

  • You may use them in combat at any time by spending one of your Tactical Points
  • All of your Tactical Points come back at the end of combat or rollovers.
  • Each skill is succinctly described

Tactical Skills

Skill and Cost in Endeavour Description
Tactics – 1 Grants one Tactical Point which may be spent once per combat on any tactical skill returning on a rollover.
Knockdown- 1 Call a Knockdown when you hit someone
Knockback- 1 Call a Knockback when you hit someone
Disarm – 1 Call a Disarm when you hit a one handed weapon
Greater Disarm – 2 Call a Greater Disarm when you hit a two handed weapon.
Stunning Blow – 3 The player places their hand calmly and gently on the shoulder and announces a Stunning Blow. The recipient falls unconscious for 1 minute.
Mighty Blow – 3 Call Mighty when you strike someone.
Resist – 4 Negates a non damaging non destructive skill used against the character.

·       Knock Down

·       Knock Back

·       Disarm

·       Stunning Blow

Feat of Strength – 2 A character may perform a feat of strength such as restraining a person or bending bars and lifting gates.