Costume, Kit and Phys Reps


As with a theatre production, characters in Live Role-Playing need to wear the appropriate costume. For example, a heavy warrior would dress in armour or chainmail and carry weapons, whilst a priest might wear clothes decorated with the symbols of their chosen God or Goddess. All this stands to build an identifiable character.

Once you have built your character and you know how you want to portray them, you can start to think about key pieces of kit that feel right for that character’s build and personality. For some, it might be a specific type of weapon, for others, a piece of clothing or jewellery. As you continue to play and develop your character within RoC, you might find that your costume develops along with the story.

You might also find that you develop lots of different pieces of costume for the same character, feel free to change it up!

There are lots of online retailers who specialise in LARP kit but, if you have the time and resources, it’s great fun to make your own and put your own stamp on your character. Charity shops and fabric sales are excellent places to find unique things that give a character that ‘real feeling’. There are lots of people at RoC who make great kit and can give advice (or take commissions!) and many groups across social media dedicated to LARP kit in all its forms!

Armour and Weapons need to be professionally made and, again, there is a huge number of people making excellent weaponry, and you can often find people selling weapons they no longer need, which is perfect for someone new to LARP. Alternatively, people in the system are always willing to help anyone when they can.

Now, the next thing to discuss are phys-reps (Physical Representations) of objects your character has. For example, if your character uses a sword, you’re going to need a sword. Swinging at someone with an imaginary sword doesn’t work, we’ve tried. So it stands to reason that if your characters has potions or bandages to use, you’ll need to bring along some potion bottles and bandages, or those effects won’t work either.

Finally, there are certain types of races who may require makeup or prosthetics to portray theirheritage. There are brief guidelines to the look and feel of different races in the Main Manual on the Forums, but there are a huge number of people willing to help and give advice about all aspects of your kit. So much so that we’ve even created a Facebook page for that very purpose!

As RoC is set in a fantastical world, with many different influences, there are no real limits on the type of costume you can create for your character. If we were looking at RoC from a historical perspective, it would be around the Renaissance, whilst incorporating everything that happened before… Knights in armour, for example and people wearing furs and leathers. There are also a few Steampunk elements to the game, although it is not an all-out Steampunk system. You’ll sometimes see characters with flintlock pistols, wearing goggles and the like.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the system background and your own story before making any firm decisions on your kit, especially when deciding where your character comes from and how that will change the look and feel of your costume. Even deciding what Guild your character is in can change the feel of the costume, so it’s something that definitely needs consideration!