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The City of Bulceephar

March 21, 2018 - March 25, 2018

Old Malhara: A forbidding and barren corner of the Great Desert regions of modern day Egaria. The days of its glory have all but been forgotten, its majesty resting beneath the quiet taupe of the sands. The legends remain with some truth as they are endowed with falsehood in tales of those that claim to have walked their lost halls as they speak around the fires of trading caravans deep into the glorious night. Yet there are others who listen to deeper truths, others who know the stories of ancient Bulceephar.

The people of Bulceephar, they say, were an ancient and proud people who existed even before the birth of the old Malharans. They were city builders the like of which Egaria had and perhaps never will see again, conquering the sands of the desert, the stories say and one day they would have become its rulers. Their capital, Bulceephar, was the home of industry and magic before the days of Wrath fell upon us and that the treasures of that place were beyond compare.

Whispers in the first fragments of the Holy texts of the many deities of Malhara and Egaria speak of this as the birth place of faith. Conjoined to this the power of the Dahajain and the crossing of the Flux and Nexus into the world. Did the first Zumatakan come here when Eaölfheim fell? Are the murmurs of Kuldisar, far from the Low Kingdom, founded in fact and did this place once ring to the first forges of power?

All these legends, be they true or not end in one fact that echoes through the centuries as a verisimilitude: In the heart of that city there grew an illness, a disease that afflicted the minds of even the greatest folk of the City. It was called the Mah’Kahline: The spider. The people of the city died. They just died. There are no stories of to how but it seems as though the majority of the city died almost overnight. To this day, in that place, the Mah’Kahline is considered to be a curse bearer or carrier. Although the fear is little understood nowadays and many have moved beyond the superstition it was once taken with the greatest of beliefs.

The Golden Table of the Royal Basin in conjunction with the Great Pharaoh and the allied states of Egaria have been made aware of an expedition that has uncovered the markers that lead to the lost city and the treasures that lie within. The importance of this expedition is clear both culturally and through the realm of artifice and as such a larger team of investigators is being assembled to assist the expedition leaders.

The final marker has yet to be uncovered but when the primary team is successful preparation will begin. Diplomats from many societies will be sent to oversee the dig and experts will be on standby to assist with any finds.

This is an Open Fort

Lead Refs – Stephen Canfield, Shirley Austin and James Henry
Second Refs –
Crew – AC DAY, Thomas Coleman, 

Payment details and catering information will be posted soon.


March 21, 2018
March 25, 2018


Fort Widley, Portsmouth
Portsdown Hill Road
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