Lanterns Watch Report 

Lanterns Watch Report 
As Written by Silvana Helgathsdottier


We gathered on the Great Keep, we were met and briefed by the being known as Archie. Many things of irrelevance to the mission were discussed, some disturbing, such as the nature of what Archie is and the matter of the current state of things, however we finally managed to assess the situation we were heading into. To retrieve The Book (Ling Mi) who we also found out to be a Velakikanaz; a Helgathian assassin, very skilled and adept in the art form of disguising themselves. They were in Lanterns Watch which is now known as Shadow Rock* in Ironstone Bay. We would be heading to a coaching inn called “The Bold Coachwoman” under the guise of a charter performing guildic duties. 

We arrived via Mass Port and settled into our accommodation then spoke to a local charter group by the name of “Glad Sunrise” consisting of a rather excitable man from the academy (house), a man simply called “The Shade”, and two others who I didn’t converse with. The leader of the group was a TziTzan by the name of Vornic Brudan Van Harn (Vornic is a title of a Justicar Noble within Helgathian Society) who had been lead to dismantle some of the Who Chow drop off points that involved slaves and drugs. While we were there talking to them the Inn we were at was attacked by an Oni who, we established after some discussions, came from the Who Chow and we found out where the charter was planning to meet their leader. It was a Cove 10 minutes away from the current location. We decided that was where we planned to head to next. 

On route to the cove we were attacked by more Oni, they sought after me (Silvana) due to the fact they were looking for a TziTzan, the amount of TziTzan souls within my mind made it hard for them to see who I was so they attacked. This pushed us to pick up speed to get to the TziTzan before the Oni did. 

We arrived at the cove and we found our target in a dire state, he was extremely wounded and there were many Oni attacking. Mashel started to stabilize the TziTzan while the rest of us fought back against the Oni attacking, once we were sure that the area was safe I established a psionic connection to TziTzan. I established that the mind I was talking to was not of Ling Mi (The Book) but Vornic Brudan Van Harn, who was one of the minds of nobility that were housed within his mind. After The Book started getting in deep with The Who Chow he decided to start taking over the body while The Book slept to try and prevent some of The Who Chow’s efforts, it was also at this point that he performed a mass contact so everyone could be involved with the conversation. We learnt that the Who Chow became suspicious of these activities as The Book when awake had no idea of what was happening while he slept. They eventually realised not what he was, but that there were multiple minds of Helgathian nobility within his and they did a ritual to remove them all bar the gentlemen we were speaking to. At this point the charter arrived, they were concerned over the state of their leader and agreed to look after him while we sought after the minds that had been stolen by the Who Chow. We also learnt that the Who Chow have a sort of attachment onto a Mass Port beacon so when it was activated they could piggyback onto it and use it to travel undetected. The Vornic believed that they would transport the minds that had been removed from him to the Who Chow, they were not sure for what reasons but there are many different things they could do with them as they know the importance of these minds. Vornic Brudan Van Harn gave us locations to underground tunnels that are used by the Who Chow and some that are avoided but lead to the same place because there are undead there that we learnt were members of a ship from the Teeth who were wrecking ships off the coast of Lanterns Watch and wrecked a Tereefian ship after this the crew became undead and were possibly cursed. 

We first attempted an entrance guarded by Who Chow, after Kincaid swiftly dispatched the membered in the entrance we found a barrier that was made up of Source, Focus and another unknown magic that we couldn’t pass further into the caves. We studied the barrier and found out the following; 

– Spending too much time close to the barrier it lashed out and hurt us 
– It contained souls that were murdered in the process of making the barrier 
– When the barrier was created 50 people were murdered and those who were present drank the blood of the ones murdered only they can pass 
– The souls inside it were screaming and in constant pain 

It was decided that we had to deal with this not just because we needed to pass it but because of the heretical nature of the barrier. We then proceeded to look for another entrance this time deciding to look into the entrances that contained the undead. After some looking into the Undead we found there Mattias believes they were in fact under a curse and that if we attacked one and killed them the power from that would go into the remaining making them more powerful. We came up with plans and tactics but however, we discovered they still had the ability to communicate as normal, they were attacking anyone who tried to get past them against their will, we discovered to break the curse on them we needed to get to their captain, all we knew that they were further in the cave. We teleported past them as we didn’t want to fight them. We met some more of the crew as a Who Chow member who had been affected with the curse as well, we are not sure how but they also were affected but they were begging us to end them as they were now a gaki. We found out from them that we needed to get to an island to find the body of the captain and after some discussion we didn’t want to we teleported past them and were met with another barrier, we then found out that if we break the curse it would break the barrier although I am not sure how they are linked. It was at this point I heard a Psionic scream for help that was suddenly silenced, I realised at that moment it was first one of the minds to be sent through the Mass Port attachment, time was now against us. Reluctantly Kincaid agreed to mass port us with the assistance of one of the cursed undead – who was a boson – to get to the island. 

Upon arrival at the Island, we noticed we were on a large rock just off the coast of the mainland not too far from the Cove where we left Vornic Brudan Van Harn and the Glad Sunrise about a mile or so away. As soon as we arrived on the island dark clouds gathered above as if it was some warning. We found the burial mount of the captain quickly and Edgar spoke to the spirit of the captain so we could establish what to do, upon the spell being cast two spirits appeared, one being the captain another being a priest very angry and full of rage, immediately it attacked the spirit of the captain throwing lightning at him and “calling forth the storm” Edgar quickly ended the spell and we discussed this finding, we decided that we needed to work out what was going on so Edgar recast the spell and once more the spirits appeared and while Edgar spoke to the spirit of the captain, myself and others tried to converse with the angered spirit, the information we found was the following; 

– The captain was the one who was ordering the wrecking of the ships 
– The spirit was on a Terrefian ship bringing supplies to the area of Ironstone Bay 
– The Captain stole two items for the priest – containing “High Mother and High Father” 
– The Priest took it upon themselves to Curse captain in a form of punishment, 
– The Spirit was extremely chaotic and angered, even when interposing myself and demanding the curse be lifted so The Mistress could punish them but the spirit intended on being their punishment 
– He is part of the Order of Terref which Kincaid put out that they were a heretical aspect as they were trying to marry together Source and Focus Magic. 

While this was happening Wayne had gone looking for the body of the priest and brought it out of the ocean so we could talk to the spirit of the priest directly, this is where we found out about the Order of Terref. This spirit was calm and collected however there were aspects of the angered side of the spirit trying to break through. We asked for them to remove the curse and they said they would if we returned the items, which we had no idea where they were, however, we decided that bringing the body and the sword of the spirit of the Captain back would be our best course of action and we Mass Ported back to the tunnels, my guess is that the Boson aided our return. 

When we returned to the caves there was another scream as I felt another mind being sent through the Mass Port, one of the undead cursed crew members told us that they can fix this curse now we had returned the body of the captain to them, this will be done by doing a ritual. We moved further into the cave system into an opening where the body was placed and the ritual was performed to break the curse upon the crew. (Mashel, Edgar, Mattis and Myself took part as priests) Once this was done we immediately made haste back towards the barrier and checked to see if we could pass through which we now could. 

We found in the area one Who Jen, many Who Chow members, an Oni and Two random men. We all fought hard and well taking out the various Who Chow members and the Who Chen. I am not sure if the Oni was defeated or left as its summoner was deceased, my concern was with recovering as many of the minds as I could. As soon as we arrived the Who Chow started throwing these minds through the Mass Port that was open in rapidly, I have no idea if this will damage them being sent through in such quick succession. I established a link through the Mass Port before it closed and found it to end in a Who Chow Stronghold in the Rice Empire. We had only recovered 4 minds. 

At this point, my mind was briefly consumed with rage at this and I am not entirely sure how the next part occurred but it was then brought to my attention that the High Mother and High Father were the two persons that were also in the area. My first meeting with them included one looking into my fate line and the other being disgusted by the heritage of mine that had recently started presenting itself. We learnt that these two were “Heralds” of a coming war of those who were ‘seeded’ by them and others like them. We came to the conclusion that it was linked to heritages as there was much discussion of that. The High Father appeared to be a demonic being, it was offering great power and heretical words and the other (possibly angelic) as much as I could understand just told me I was born into “the wrong side” I am not sure what this meant. After much discussion and being told repeatedly there would be a war, the angelic one disappeared in bright light and the daemonic one was left roaming around some more spreading its hateful words. There was nothing I could do in this situation and my mind was still engaged with the loss of the minds to the Who Chow so I sat and meditated then the Daemonic Herald was gone. I offered my services to look into the item which had held the Angelic Herald, after using my Object Read ability to look back over what had happened to the item I noted that around the same time we did the ritual to free the captain and the crew from their curse that the object shuddered then something came out of it and took affected a person who happened to be near it.

I had sat some distance away from the rest of the party with Edgar at the time discussing this when the next thing I knew there was a flash of light and I was dead, I am not sure what happened but then I felt myself being tempted with corrupted power, I refused outright, trying to move myself away from this heretical corrupting influence. Then the next thing I knew I was back in my body when I looked up those with heritages appeared to burst forth from within them for a moment, Mashel’s being the most interesting of being both Angelic and Demonic at the same time, according to the others who were there was came out of myself appeared strange and unearthly. 

More information will be added to this report in due course however I believe this needs to be brought to peoples attention espically in reguard to the Order of Terref and Heralds information 

Any Questions? 

Silvana Helgathsdottier 
Adept Psionist 
Champion of Torment 

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