Meet the Team



Meet the members of Team RoC

Stephen Canfield – Founder and System Head

Stephen founded RoC with a few friends because: “There was no decent larping in Southampton” in 1997. He is hugely experienced as a Live Action Roleplayer having been involved as a Ref, Writer, Story Teller, Developer, Prop Maker, Player and just about everything else in over 100 systems over the course of 34 years.

Stephen has lived and breathed RoC running approximately 3,500 days of games  in a system that used to run every day of the week. Outside of larping Stephen is a natural geek, an family man and a campaigner for social rights. He is a huge fan of the silly and hates sleep.

As well as running a system Stephen has added to the larping world as a cofounder of the ground breaking LARPtronics project and as Director at Dragon Armouries.

Tom Knight – Lead Story Writer and Director of Action.

The Enigmatic Tom Knight has been LARPing for over 15 years and has been involved in a number of massive roleplaying projects, including as a staff member helping to run one of the largest real-time text-based online communities in the world catering to over 100 active players at a time with plots encompassing genres from horror to comedy, space opera to historical drama, and everything inbetween.

With RoC he has been involved as a plot writer and rules innovator, assisted with the running of several successful forts, and he has taken responsibility for the Dragon Empire plot area.

In ‘real life’ he currently works as an analyst and researcher for a major company, but his passion remains in gaming – particularly boardgames and wargames – and writing, where he has enjoyed some success as a freelance screenwriter and copywriter.

He is also known for his collection of Black Ducks whose presence in his flat is not at all concerning.

Jon Wickenden – Lead Story Writer and Director of Action

Jon Wickenden has been Larping across the country for six years and has been reffing games and creating sparkling plot in RoC for at least half of his career. Jons style has led to him creating many extremely memorable DPC’s and some of the outstanding sections of Forts and Audiences. Despite his young years Jon is already a member of the furniture of RoC and universally loved.

Like Tom and Stephen, Jon is a massive nerd in both fantasy and science fiction. From an early age he immersed himself in the plot lines of high fantasy authors such as Robin Hobb and Tolkien. Moving from books, to RPG’s and MMO’s, such as Dragon Age or Guildwars, he found LARP to be the next logical step.

With ROC he found a platform, not only to immerse in yet more depths of story and lore, but also to have the ability to write and influence it as both a player and a ref.

When he is not live roleplaying or geeking out to Star Trek Jon is found saving lives at work where he heroically performs the duties of a life guard. Jon is also appreciated for his sense of humour and a laugh that can cause trafic accidents.