Good Morning Campers

As ever I hope that this message finds you in fine form, fettle and fetlock and that you had a fantastic weekend wherever you were and whatever you were doing. Once again and in what feels like a new weekend tradition: Welcome on board to our new people, it’s wonderful to have you along and to see you get involved in our small corner of the larping world and of course thanks to everyone that was along at the weekend in general.

Sadly, this morning, I don‘t have time to say much so this message is a quicker and more informative one. This week I will be in London for several days attending the funerals of Aunt, Uncle and Cousin and much more of the week I will be in the Solicitors offices and attending to other business. On top of this the fort is two weeks away and I am being bugged a lot about the downtimes and other RoC related matters.

There will be snatches of time overnight that I can attend to some of the requests that are being made of me and I will bring my time to bare in the most efficient way possible.

My thanks to all of the tremendous crew that came out this weekend there were a lot of drop outs and “ill” people  I know a lot of you came to try and make sure I played but it was not destined to be. Thank you to all – Despite not playing it was great to be in the company of such outstanding people.

I gtg

Fort stuff

Foxes and Crows

Take Care of Each Other


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