Psionic Magic

Tranquillity, Resurgance, Power

There are legends amongst the enlightened that tell us that Psionic power manifested before the comet arrived, heralding the coming of the power that would shape the world and that it was a time of terror for those that possessed it: There are many theories regarding the awakening of the mind some speak of an intermingling with a race from another world leading to a strange heritage whilst others point to warping effect of the comet itself on part of the population.  Whichever reality is true it lead to a power born of cognitive thought, drawing from the imagination, psionic potential unleashes an awakened individuals power at even the smallest inclination of will. So as the age of Magic dawned so did an age of persecution towards those few who were able to utilise such power. Early psionicists could little control their talent, whether they sought to use it for good or ill in the world. Discharges of power, specifically from those who were more susceptible to their own emotional outbursts, were frequent and led to accidental injuries, deaths and damage to property.

 With no understanding of the power that was being used those unfortunate enough to possess it were accused of a wide range of evils; daemonic possession, witchcraft and necromancy were mooted to name but a few. Eventually we would come to know this as the White, residual of emotion left behind in the Astral corrupting the Psionicicst. Innocent people were rounded up in droves and tortured and eventually put to death by superstitious peasant folk and easily guided Lordlings. Recorded histories of such occurrences   are well documented in Basanic archives. It was not until the discovery of the mineral known as Variscite and the less pure stones that were found with it; Axinite and Goshenite.  Through luck and eventually through experimentation it was discovered that these crystals, when refined were able to allow the control of the power that flowed from the minds of the awakened. The first true Psionicist was born and a new understanding of the talents and Disciplines of the mind was founded.

What Psionics is

  • A form of personally generated magic that requires an emotionless state to resist powers that dwell in the Astral from possessing your mind and physical form.
  • Concentrated on purity of mind and the focus of thoughts to prevent corruption.
  • A magic of indertiminable age that came after the world was created but most likely before the Nexus. The Nexus is believed to have agitated the beings from the White.
  • Personal Magic mainly but one that is capable of being shared through awakened minds called circles that can enhance the power of their talents.
  • Persecuted Magic: For most of its career the practioners of psionics were branded monsters and were murdered, many of their secrets have been lost.
  • Relearning: The sources of psionic tutelage have proven to be unreliable and most Psionicists are relearning their skills and developing new ones.
  • Righteous: There are many sources for the persecution of the Psionic Community and a growing number there would seek their revenge in the long term. This is a dark path.

What Psionics isn’t

  • Everyone’s a Jedi
  • Science Fiction: Psionics finds its core in Sci Fi but it has been adapted to fantasy well and doesn’t need Futuristic talk.
  • Playing it on easy: No words are required but it is phys rep heavy and needs obvious casting to make it work.

Choosing Psionics

What follows are the core elements that go into choosing the idea of Psionics as your magical form, regardless of your choice the idea of MAGNITUDES remain the same and constant throughout the game.

Are there many types of Psionic User?

  • As an identifier the term: Haruspex is generally given to a Psionicist and covers their definition as a user of magic’s.
  • However a Psionicist learns a Discipline with a sequence of Talents which dictate what kind of magic they can achieve.

What are Talents and Disciplines?

  • Talents are combat effects that require ownership of simple crystals to channel
  • Disciplines which are the extreme skills which need to utilise a chimerical rod to utilise.
  • The Disciplines available are as follows:
    • Universal – Dealing with:
      • Sensing and Auras
      • Seeing and Moving in and through the Astral
      • Telepathy
      • Seeing the past or future of an area.
      • Talents
        • Debilitation
        • Armouring
      • Corporeal – Dealing with:
        • Resisting Physical effects such as Paralysis
        • Becoming physically more enhanced
        • Gaining Mastery with and understanding of their environment
        • Purging of foreign agents from physical forms
        • Talents
          • Armouring
          • Healing
        • Conceptual – Dealing with:
          • Resisting Emotional Effects such as Fear
          • Recalling lost Knowledge and Lore
          • Blocking and Defying attempts to interfere with the mind
          • Masking the presence of minds and people
          • Talents
            • Tacticus
            • Mimicry
          • Perception – Dealing with:
            • Senses leaving the confines of one’s body
            • Feeling the memories of a place or an object
            • Power: Understanding the nature of magic in a thing, its purpose and its direction.
            • Feeling and lesser manipulation the thoughts and emotions of another being.
            • Talents
              • Debilitation
              • Tacticus

How Many Disciplines may I have?

  • A Haruspex may choose two disciplines
  • They gain all Portfolios within those disciplines.

What are the Goals of Basanic Psionicists?

  • All of the other powers have their own Political Tables with power on the Golden Table, the Psionic Orders have nothing but Chapter houses and a voice on the Crimson Table. Fair representation is called for.
  • To understand why they were persecuted and bring any that still survive responsible for that persecution to justice.
  • To discover and eradicate the corruption that is in the Astral which is damaging the use of Psionic Magic.
  • To recover lost Disciplines and spread them through the community
  • To reignite forgotten circles and bring lost and terrified users of power home.
  • Protection and maintenance of the Royal Basin and its traditions

What are the Attitudes of Basanic Psionicists?

  • In recovery: There is a lot of anger in a community which struggles to remain in a calm emotional state.
  • Aggressive: The community pursues its goals for recognition and justice relentlessly.
  • Remorseful: Throughout the centuries thousands of their kind have been murdered and thousands more have fought and died for the people that have ignored those killings. They remember those people and they feel their loss keenly.
  • Welcoming: There are many growing minds and ideas and they are all things that are embraced by the Institute that represents Psionic Magic and their ilk.

Casting Brief

  • Casting is through silent, emotionless meditation
  • You should never be in an emotional state when attempting to cast
  • You will need your device or crystals
  • Hand gestures, anime style are often pivotal