Report from Dangerous Prey 06/07/2019

Solturdas 6th of Sunspeak 2019

Honest John 

Unexpectedly, we were all called to the Bright Table, and were informed of the situation of Northfell, it was in a dire state, murders happening regularly, drug deals, Who Chow and Patrick Stone aka Shovel Hands along with the VGC were meant to be helping to look after the area, there were links in the area with the Who Chow and had links with my situation and the situation in Helgath and the head of the Bright Table was given my previous report and was very interested. We discussed the situation and that Shovel Hands had some information for me and we needed to speak with him about the situation in Northfell find out why it has been allowed to get into this situation. We also learnt that Helgathian Red Shirts had been sighted possibly working with the Who Chow and raiding abandoned Helgathian Embassy and looking for information especially in regards to old records. 

It was during this conversation we were joined by Honest John who came with instruction from the King. Get Shovel Hands to step in line, help clear up Northfel and stop offering protection or the worse would have to be done at the hands of Kali. 

We were Mass Ported directly to the location of the Bright House, a glass building where the VGC reside, we welcomed in by Shovel Hands however this wasn’t to last as the confrontation started pretty quickly over what was happening in Northfell and the situation the VGC was in. I must confess it was a messy situation on both sides, much shouting and threats were bounded about, during this Mathais and Ingenium went to investigate the Tzi Tzian prisoner that Shovel Hands had. Once they established he was alive I joined them as my input into the conversation with Shovel hands appeared to do nothing but make it worse. The Tzi Tzian was beaten, starved and missing his feet, we learnt he was part of the Helgathian Red Shirts and that he was working under a man called Ivel who was directing them to retrieve items from the Helgathian Embassy, the Tzi Tziain was fanatical about returning Helgath to its former glory and was willing to help us after we explained that the Who Chow are using them. I asked Haziz to take this man to the Keep where members of my cell were being looked after. The conversation with Shovel Hands turned ugly, I feel it better for those who were there for the whole conversation to explain this however it ended with Mr Patrick Stone attacking Holbrek and Honest John and the order was given and he was killed. Grief brought our searches into the information which the TziTzian had for us to a standstill for a brief while but as word spread the townsfolk and they were turning up en masse to grieve. 

It was after this moment we discovered Mathias had gone missing I psionically contacted him to find out where he had gone to and he had moved ahead to the Mad Frog and while some members of the party were still grief stricken, Arthus and Inginium went ahead to see if he needed help. 

We eventually moved to Mad Frog where we found Arthus and Inguinum and a Oni but no Mathias or the contact we were due to meet. We established that Mathias had taken the contact into a haven as the Oni appeared when he arrived and was attacking the contact. Kali and Holbrek had stayed at the Bright House and I psionically contacted Kali to request their assistance, then the Oni attacked as Mathias and the contact returned. Quickly with the efforts of the party members we met the of the contact for the HRS and while I was talking to him I received a psionic reply from Kali which was what I can assume the collect grief from everyone at the Bright House it was overwhelming and I had to take some time to clear my mind. During this Holbrek established that there was a mark placed upon the person and traced it giving us the location of The Temple of Four Ghosts in the Rice Empire, we finally got a heading for another location The Brass Pony. 

This is where we finally met Ivil the leader of this group of HRS, it was interesting meeting this one, he automatically seems to defer to me as a leader and given the information we attained of myself possibly being a Valicki Kynazz and Ivil seemed to act like I was one of these not sure weather this to be proof or not I used the situation and the willingness of Ivil to give me information and ask for what their next move should be. 

The Following is the information we received; 

  • They were aware that at some point the Who Chow would betray them
  • They were asked to retrieve any and all information from the Embassies 
  • They had the details of a Tzi Tzian rite which is used on Political Exiles which places them in different bodies, they wanted to do this to the minds that the Who Chow have to bring them back. 
  • They were informed to not do this but to hand over the ritual to myself or Mathias as it is murder for the person who’s body would be used. 
  • They were due to have an exchange with the Who Chow. 

Ivil kept asking me what I wished for him to do, I told him to stop what he was doing until further notice and give us the locations of what they gathered 

It was at this point we received a Psionic Message from King Dazak that he was pulling us out and we needed to return to The Keep and we were immediately Mass Ported straight to King Dazak, I was ported straight into a chair opposite The King with everyone else around. 

The matter of the death of Patrick Stone was addressed and I believe it is not my place as a Guildsfolk to repeat what was said, I will leave that for His Highness for announce if he wishes. 

The conversation came back to the issue at hand in regards to Helgath, We had a location to retrieve the missing minds of the Helgathian nobles, however, it would be an impossible task to get us there. It was clear that King Dazak had thought of everything possible to get us into the complex but it was clear there was only one way and it appeared to be a dire one. The choice was laid before me. Give up on Helgath allow the minds to declared lost or risk possible war with The Rice Empire if this went wrong. We knew a ritual was happening and the fact that the temple sat somewhere between our world and the Hells, if something went wrong it would rip a hole in the Rice Empire or worse. The King made it clear that either way lies would be lost especially with the method we would have to use to get there. 

Understand me that I would never willingly want to go to war with anyone, however, it is my life’s purpose to protect those of Helgath, to return it to its former glory. Hate me if you must for placing the lives of my own people first however in my shoes would you not do the same? 

My Decision was made. We were to retrieve the minds from the Temple of the Four Ghosts. We were given more information, only one of the 4 members of the temple is Who Chow and we had an amulet of a soul trapped that would need to be returned to gain help and break the ritual. The Crux, to enter the area we would need to use the Soul Engines. It was something I wish there was another way, I trusted in the King to know the best way we could get in and this is what he suggested. For this to work 30 people’s stories would have to end and there was a call for volunteers, 30 young and promising Academy guild folk, including the son of the King himself. The address that was given will never leave my soul, neither the oath we call gave to The King, bent on one knee we vowed to do our best to make sure this doesn’t go wrong. 

I have listed the names of those 30 brave men and woman, their names ever remembered.

We appeared in the temple, as spirits we had to defeat the spirits of those taking part in the ritual, this was tough but we appeared to get this done even with some of us being cut down if it wasn’t for those with Healing it would have been impossible but we persisted and then once all four spirits were defeated we entered the material realm I am not sure how but something happened, I lost my leg many of us were badly injured, some of us on the brink of death. I could see what was happening in the ritual their minds being pulled apart for information casting aside things that were not deemed to be useful. Kali with the soul amulet released the soul inside to and after some convincing it returned to its body. It was one of the Yamoto Clan they were not aware of what happened and after a very quick explanation from myself and others, they handed me one of the minds and slowly with the aid of others I moved around the ritual taking the minds/souls, it was like my own was enveloping them, protecting them. I am not sure what was happening during this all it, my friends and colleagues were all over the place some shouting some in strange situations. I don’t know how, but a 5th mind was on Holbrek forcing him to the floor but I would see it the mind that was there I believe he was being forced to become part of this ritual but I could touch it, and I took the last one and I could barely move it was being too much I couldn’t do it on my own. Kali’s hand along with Holbrek came into my vision and it gave me strength and I called Psionicly to the King, informing him we were successful. Suddenly we were all being dragged downwards into the Hells itself and the minds were gone from my hands and before us was Oni each with one and we knew what we had to do, defeat them and retrieve each soul. I cannot remember what happened with the others I was still missing a leg and took all my focus to fight and retrieve, a small portal had appeared which was our only way out and then the next I knew a mind had been thrust into my hands and I was being pushed towards the portal. 

When we reappeared we were all in a bad state, and what was worse, we had only retrieved 4 out of the 5 minds. We were taken to see Archie, limbs and bodies fixed. This is where things get hazy. I remember a conversation but clouded I know something happened and because of this the final mind had been retrieved and that the minds we had were being re-awakened in their own bodies on Helgath. We had achieved the return of Helgath or at least the start but from that point in at the start of the conversation with Archie, I don’t know how I know what we did on our mission but after I cannot. But we had done it. Those minds will be awakening as I write this Helgath will become the Motherland once more though deep down I feel it may be time for some changes. 

Below are the names of the 30 souls given for Helgath, let it be own to every Helgathian Born that these along with the 100 soldiers who gave their lives previously to decorrupt scores upon scores of Helgathans. They are to never be forgotten. They gave the ultimate sacrifice so the Motherland can return, so our families can return home. I hope this shapes us into a new stronger unified Helgath. 

///Names of 30 academy students starting with Dazak’s son///

DXXX – We will never forget. 

Silvana Helgathsdottier 

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