Report from Salt Water 07/07/2019

Hello people of the Iron Table. My name is Triskai Deka. I am a ritualist of the Fly Claw and I have offered my services to assist you all and work with the Alliance after your help with our many problems.

My first mission was to go to an island off the coast of Mallierune where many mysterious happenings had been about. I was to travel there with Edgar Vardis, Gary Wally, Mashael of Cloethis and Allianwyn Tallow. 

We were briefed that there had been a confirmed murder and an unknown number of missing persons. There was also many luxuries that a small fishing village would not normally support being sold there, and rumours that it may be a base for smuggling. 

Then there was a guildic alarm rung and we made haste to defend the Oath building where we found a crazed man working for the V G C trying to kill people who support the guilds but are not guildsfolk. We stopped him and quizzed him and he admitted killing people of his own will so the militiaman executed him. We were later told this was wrong and there should be trials.

We decided to continue with the original mission rather than try to assist with the V G C because we had promised to do this thing, and we were thanked by the militia captain who said that guildsfolk would make things worse because the trouble was caused by guildsfolk. 

On the way to the island the ship was attacked in a very strange way. There was a sourcerous explosion and then unusual magical serpents(?) attacked us. We managed to drive them off and repair the ship but it was not easy. One of the crew was lost.

At the island we were greeted by three captains who said they unofficially ran the community. Captain Giovan, Captain Harskins and a third Captain whose name I forget but we spoke only very briefly to him before he had to return to his business. They are not Captains of ships but of businesses in this community. Captain Giovan runs the Black Heart tavern, Captain Harskins runs a salvage business and the third Captain runs the general store.

They said they had found the murderer – a young man who was a member of the Knife Ears gang (humans who cut their ears to look like aeolfs with notches signifying rank). 

On the way to meet him the Captains and their men seemed very insistent that we should not speak to random townsfolk who tried to approach us. I suspect that all three have their secrets. We learned some of them.

He was obviously very nervous of Giovan and Harskins who had accompanied us so we asked them to leave and he continued to lie and cover up the truth but was insistent that he had killed Miller, under the influence of illegal alcohol called Leviathan’s Tears.

We intended to go and recover the body of the victim and learn what we could from him, and then go on to speak with the man who had reported this to us, but we were foiled. 

When we prepared to call forth Miller we were attacked by crazed Melski. We were forced to slay them and in the aftermath learned that they were intoxicated in some way. When we spoke with Miller he made it clear that Harskins was responsible for the Leviathan’s Tears and that he has been using this to control the Melski. He encouraged us to raise him and he would take us to the warehouse where he died and give us the evidence of these acts. 

We returned to the safety of the ship to do this and achieved the goal of raising him. He then said that he would aid us with snakes. I voiced some concern about Miller, but Edgar said that Miller was a chosen agent of the Kraken and therefore trustworthy.

We made our way to the warehouse and were attacked by more Melski. We used healing magics and defensive fighting to incapacitate them without killing them and found the evidence of Miller’s murder and the materials used to make Leviathan’s Tears, which we recovered. We were attacked also by a more capable individual who used sourcerous magics against us but we were able to slay him before we retreated from the Melski.

We left the island as the Melski were attacking us in great number due to their addiction to the Leviathan’s Tears. Edgar then opened a portal back to the captive young man as we wished to bring him with us, but the K.E had already attempted to break him out and found him ‘dead’. They attacked us in a rage and would not be dissuaded so we were forced to slay them to defend ourselves. When we got into the cell, we found that he was gravely wounded not dead and we were able to save him. As we did, we were effected by a gas which made us hallucinate many things, including that the recovering body was dead.

At this point we decided to leave properly. There are still a great many questions left unanswered but these will come another day.

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