Report from Temple of Mercy 23/06/2019


– mohandis
– edgar
– ingenium
– knaine
– mischel

task 1 – god to temple of mercy to talk to lycans camped there. – suceeded to a degree

additional task a – investigate and find missing egerian lycans – partial suceeded

additional task b – rescue rhygahrean lycan and trap the hunters – suceeded

additional task c – assault the hunters basecamp – suceeded

task 2 – to retrieve one of the missing keys – not accomplished

task 1
-arrive at temple of mercy and chatted to the different nation lycan and found that group of lycans missing
– investigated the sick lycans
– spoke to the 2 fighting spirits (the curse spirit and the shinning star) and the effect it had on the lycan
– learned the ritual performed to save lycan went wrong, and need to be ended and redone, with correctly “ingredients” persay

additional task a 
– missing egerian lycans not found but the process of how they were taken was

addional task b
– missing rhygarean lycan located (with information from pack member), lycans rescued and trap set for hunters.
– hunters defeated and modded diridgable confiscated
-return to keep for refueling and chat with jack

additional task c
– diridgeable set to autopilot and return to urban hunter basecamp
– attack on base (ubran hunters and vassel)
– vassel defeated but escaped
– base camp will with extremely curse items
– egerian lycans killed by vassil using curse item
– was attacked by cursed spirits inside basecamp and outside by daemon (jack and college dealt with)
– curse broken by big ritual of undoing but gillieabad unable to power ritual
– power came from over means (redacted)
– egerian lycans healed, those that fell in ritual healed, curse items removed for our world, cursed spirts pasted over, the gillieabad were alliw to teturn to the area
items and information recovered

task 2
unable to complete due to time restrictions

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