RoC Day Five – What is Meant – Honest John’s Interlude

One moment you are wielding the King’s sword, and the next, you feel the essence within you lurch. It is an uncomfortable sensation, worse than when the engine oil repeats on you, and you find yourself in … the Hangar Bay again? But no, it isn’t quite right. Whisps of golden light evaporate off your skin…

The hangar bay is a vast space which is very familiar to anyone who has been on the Keep before, but the dirigibles here are built for war, battle, and blood. Enormous, heavy constructions all sharp-prow’d and wreathed in chains. Except for one. One seems to have been melded somehow with a more recognisably Basanic design; its sharp points and ferocious angles interrupted by smooth curves and ornate decoration which seems completely alien to its dark aspect.

This ship bears the wrought-iron nameplate: Stormsurge.There are many people going about the standard work to keep dirigibles operational; they seem too busy to pay you any mind.

A gang of prisoners shackled together are being herded towards a large and foreboding dirigible.

The unmistakable garb and controlled posture betray the form of an Oblivion Mage who is keeping a watchful eye over the hangar bay.

There are several Windows which look out onto unfamiliar skies.

But more confusing still are the other people arrayed about you. Ingenium, Silvana, Kincaid, Phillip and Thaddius had apparently in engaged with very earnest conversation with you, if the expression on their faces is anything to go by. A man in a Captain’s uniform, who appears to have been badly beaten, looks about ready to pass out at the strangeness of your appearance.

You are also glowing blue.


Action Type Fate Points
Be Confused Interact 4
Talk in Discord’s Text Chat Interact 5
Drink Heavily Interact 5

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