RoC Online Day 3 – The Plot Thickens

Phillip Reminisces With Dazak

“And who are you?” Dazak takes a moment to inspect Phillip more closely, and nods his head, “Ah, I see, you are some kind of walking heresy of fate and time. Und the rest of you?” He looks around at the others gathered in the corridor and frowns, “No, no, just you then. What was it you were doing exactly before you came here?”

You recount the barest details under Dazak’s scrutinizing gaze, and this seems to appease him. “There is definitely something unusual going on. I have noticed that your ‘Archmage’ seems to have some similar strange effect upon him. It would be in our best interests to understand exactly what is going on here. There were peculiar readings on the Stormsurge as well, and some elements which I was unable to understand. Perhaps bringing you to them will help to clarify matters. Or perhaps we should speak to the Lady of the Keep, she is well-trained in unusual forms of magic.”

Kincaid Speaks With the Beaten Captain

The Beaten Captain frowns as you start to talk to him, and seems to have difficulty concentrating on you. Eventually, though, he is able to engage you in conversation.

His name is Gregor Ivorok, he is the Captain of the Stormsurge, a Dirigible tasked with the difficult run towards Point Thirteen, whatever that is.

On his return from Point Thirteen to The Keep, something went wrong and his engines stopped working. He was barely able to keep the Stormsurge in the air he lost his Copilot (who was his wife) and their children as the ship careened out of control through the skies.

He shakes his head sadly. “When it all went wrong, I sent Arno, our Engineer, to check what was happening. We never even found his body.”

By some miracle he was able to get the Stormsurge back to the Keep, whereupon it was discovered that his engines had been replaced with some twisted mass of artifice. The Atonement Office proclaimed him a saboteur and he expects that he will shortly be killed.

Kincaid Speaks With the Proud Woman
1 Fate Discount

The Proud Woman seems to look right through you at first, but with some effort you are able to attract her attention. It is difficult to tell, because initially she remains silent and stoic. When you mention your name, however, she becomes immediately animated.  

“I am Abigail Braithwaite. I was part of the Oath, before it fell. You, Kincaid. Your name has been passed down to us, ever since the time of Quill and the Three.” She steps forwards, and grasps the bars of her cage. Immediately, brilliant light flares, burning and sparking at the palms of her hands, but she does not relent.

“I will not bow. I will not kneel. We have not forgotten. What he’s doing isn’t right. Convincing people to sacrifice themselves, that’s against everything the Oath ever swore.”

Her face presses up against the bars of the cage, her face a rictus mask of pain – but it is a clarifying pain, a pain which helps her to keep her focus as she addresses you.

“They say the world is ending. They say he can save us. I say he’s destroying everything we ever were just as surely as any damned Minister ever could.”

The power surging into her becomes too much, then, and she staggers backwards from the bars of the cage. Her breathing is hard, her ragged clothing drenched with sweat, but she must recover.

Thaddius Speaks with The Devout Peasant

It takes some time for Thaddius’ words to reach the man in the cell. As he shouts and exhorts him in the name of Tiberius, the words seem to fall on deaf ears. Finally, though, he is able to attract the man’s attention, and what he sees is a broken and wretched soul. The magical incantations fail to penetrate the mystic protections of the cell, but his words themselves pass without impediment.

The peasant crawls across the floor of his cell and staggers up to his feet, staring through the bars with tears still flowing down his cheeks.

“You have not heard the word of the Saviour!” The man cries, “Perhaps you can help me, perhaps if I save your soul, mine will be worthy of forgiveness. Please. You have to understand, I didn’t know back then, I was like you, I feared to give myself to him. Praise The Saviour, for He Keeps us Safe. He is The One who can hold us against the darkness. He drives back those who would destroy us. All are His. Do you see? Do you see? Will you tell the guards to let me join my family? Please, please, please.”

After that outburst, the poor man collapses into a weeping mess. He could, perhaps, be roused again, but it would take more time.

Silvana Travels the Right Hand Path

DANGER: Silvana will take 1 Permanent Fate damage unless 3 Fate are removed from today’s pool. This decision must be made no later than 11am.

It is difficult to maintain one’s concentration in this strange place. What is even more terrifying is what Silvana sees when she steps into the Astral and out of her physical body.

The Astral is, normally, a place of confusion, of emotional turmoil and unrest, and of the White. It is normally through this swirling confusion that you have to push your way through and find parallels with the real world.

There is none of that here.

Here, there is One Mind. One Will. One Purpose. It stands above all, and what is most terrifying is that this mind is completely and totally human. There is no alien influence, no eldritch power, no White or Minister touch to it. There is just One Man who stands above all and who has made this realm completely His.

There is a moment of confusion to see the Astral so completely bare and barren of other influences, and then that immense power begins to notice that there is some other influence, some presence within His Keep.

And immediately you recoil from it, lashed back into your body in shock and terror.

Your fellows may choose to immediately expend some of today’s efforts in order to prevent this experience from leaving a permanent scar.

Ingenium Copies a Madman’s Hand
1 Fate Discount

The scrawl is hard to read as you are looking at it from obscure angles and the man’s scuttling about makes it harder to observe every angle. Luckily, the extremely bright lighting in the room helps to make the task easier; it would have been almost impossible in a more shadowy environ.

You write for as long as you are able.  By the time you are done, your hand is cramped, but you feel you have managed to piece it together into some kind of vaguely cohesive order – your training as a scribe and long hours reading works by the ‘geniuses’ of the university have prepared you well for this task.

Day Three Description

There are three Jail Cells around your own which are similarly occupied.

The first contains Abigail Braithwaite, who is breathing hard after her exertions.

The second contains a Crazed Old Man who is scrawling continually on the walls and floor with a set of charcoal pens, muttering to himself.

The third contains a Devout Peasant who seems to be in a state of some distress.

The corridor stretches to the left and right for quite some distance before rounding away.

There are more cells down the right-hand path though they are too distant to make out from here. There is also a heavily fortified door opposite them.


Action Type Fate Points
Speak with Dazak Interact 4
Speak with Guards Interact 4
Speak with Gregor Ivorok Interact 4
Follow Gregor and Dazak to the Hangar Bay Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.
Follow Dazak to meet The Lady of the Keep Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.
Speak with Abigail Braithwaite Interact 4
Copy more of the Crazed Old Man’s scrawls Interact 8
Interact with the Devout Peasant Interact 4
Go down the right hand path Move 4 +1 per person beyond the first.
Break out a prisoner Obstacle 20
Examine the Magical Aura (Repeatable 1/Realm & may be performed anywhere) Threat 1-14
Go back into your cell for some reason. Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.
Break Kincaid’s Shackles Obstacle 60-100


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