RoC Online Day Five – What is Meant. – Pt 1

Silvana Memorizes the Hangar Bay Co-ordinates

Silvana is able to commit the code to memory. 403-301-119. This may be important later.

All Answer Dazak’s Question

It is maddening, how inscrutable the figure before you is as you speak. He listens, politely, as you tell him true – some of it more heartfelt, some it more carefully considered, but all of it with the unmistakable ring of truth to it.

His expression grows more pensive as Kincaid finishes the explanation, and he nods his head slowly. “I do not know if broken is the correct word.” He says, “It may be that it is doing precisely what it is supposed…”

He falters, then, and there is a flicker –

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