RoC Online Day Five – What is Meant – Pt 2.

Thaddius Examines the Prisoners

The remarkable thing about the prisoners is primarily how diverse a group they appear to be. Thaddius has travelled far and wide across the land of Daer Akmir; there are people from all corners of the continent in shackles as they are herded onto the ship. There must be at least a couple hundred of them, and they look to have come from all walks of life.

The rich and the poor, the young and the old, the strong and the weak. Whatever situation has landed them here, it has not distinguished on any grounds which are immediately obvious.

Ingenium Looks Out the Window

1 Fate Discount

Ingenium is used to seeing the land from above; that’s just another day at the helm, isn’t it?

But he is not used to seeing the land like this.

The Western Marches stretch below, he’s sure of that, but they are changed. Much of the land is blackened and burned, though the fires that must have caused thing are long-since extinguished, and the very land itself has buckled and broken as though it were smashed from above by some giant hand.

Just a short distance off – perhaps a dozen miles – there is a burning point of brilliant blue light on the ground, roughly where he thinks Haven ought to be. There are others, too; visible in all directions. Points of light like burning sapphires scattered amongst the darkness and holding it at bay.

Phillip Examines the Guards

1 Fate discount

The guards here are well-trained. They hold themselves like professional warriors, armed and armoured with fine equipment. There’s the glint of chain beneath the scarlet of their uniforms, and each one has a shield etched with strange runes. Phillip’s extensive knowledge of the arcane has these as wards; designed to both instill fear in the viewer when activated, bolster the courage of the one holding the shield, and reflect magical power.

The maces they hold are similarly magical in nature; it is subtle, but if activated they would certainly pack some kind of energy discharge to them.

Each also bears the following symbol upon their uniform.


Image 1 of 1

One of the guards catches his eye as being particularly unusual. Largely because when their eyes meet, the man mouths the words ‘help me’, which seems out of place.

Phillip has a good idea of how many guards can be taken on reasonably now and future descriptions will show an exact figure for fate expenditure, though this will vary based on number of guards.

Kincaid Speaks With the Oblivion Mage

If it were anyone else attempting to strike up a conversation with him, it is likely that the effort would have failed out of hand. Even with the shared connection they have as Oblivion Mages, it takes some effort for the man to give him his full attention. He seems distant; disconnected from the space he is in.

“I do not require further assistance.”

When Kincaid does not immediately move away, the man’s jaw clenches with frustration and he inclines his head towards the Stormsurge.

“I have completed a full sweep of the vessel. Whatever magical effect the enemy has employed against us is subtle, but it is nothing compared to the power of the Nexus. If need be, I am quite capable of removing it from existence.

It is a gross waste of time for both of us to be assigned here out of mere precaution. I do not trust her. Dazak is here as well. I am sure that he is still watching her as much as he is able, but at a time like this, we should be careful that she does not attempt to slip her leash.”

Kincaid Examines the Oblivion Mage Magically

The training of this man is identical to Kincaid’s own; which means that he, too, has obtained a state of oneness with the Nexus, and the Nexus is all around them. It is the Keep, and the Keep is the Nexus, and so much more besides. The entire edifice has been carved into it, and this is the seat of the Oblivion Mage’s power.

But even worse than that, this makes Kincaid’s earlier examination of the power come into sharper focus. The being who has done this to the Nexus has ensured that all those who attune themselves so perfectly to that power become extensions of his will.

This man still thinks, still feels, still… lives, but he is physiologically incapable of disobeying the being whose will has shackled the Nexus. That one person could hold that much control over the Nexus is, itself, a disturbing realisation. That anyone would actually do it…

It is unthinkable.

And yet it is done.

In Kincaid’s estimation, the fact that he is aware of the difference between his power and that of the Oblivion Mage would give him a slight edge; he could probably defeat the man with the expenditure of 20 Fate Points.


Action Type Fate Points
Attack the Guards Threat 15 Fate
Speak with Dazak on other issues Interact 4
Follow Gregor Ivorok onto the Stormsurge Move 4 +1 per person beyond the first.
Interact with the Strange Guard Interact 4
Examine a Window Interact 3
Attack the Oblivion Mage Threat 20
Move back to the Massport Chambers Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.


The Stormsurge

Inside the Stormsurge it is at first glance unremarkable; similar to the hold of every other dirigible you have seen… except for the fact that Gregor immediately gestures towards what are, obviously, the conol canisters and immediately says, “You see? I have never seen such a thing before. What is this supposed to achieve? Wait until you see the nonsense in my engine room. Nonsensical maps and lumps of metal.”

There are mysterious stains on the walls and floor of the hold, and the remains of a ritual circle of some sort.

Within the engine room there is one thing which seems familiar to you is the part which seems to most infuriate Gregor. There is a perfectly ordinary-looking engine in the middle of the room (which Ingenium could tell you is a Model P-38 ‘Fireflash’ suitable for long-distance travel).

Unfortunately it is completely disconnected from anything else and has sprayed oil and cogs everywhere. Around it there are more Mysterious Stains splashed up the wall, floor and ceiling. The walls have ritual markings stamped into them; mass-produced?

There is also a map of the Royal Basin on the wall.


Action Type Fate Points
Speak with Gregor Interact 4
Examine the Ritual Circle Interact 5
Examine the Mysterious Stains Interact 5
Take a Conol Canister Interact 4
Take the Map of the Royal Basin Interact 4
Move to the Hangar Bay Move 2 +1 per person.

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