RoC Online Day Three – The Question

Inges Makes a Friend
1 Fate Discount

It is good that Ingenium has a great deal of experience keeping a straight and calm face as the pair discuss the finer points of piloting an airship. It goes okay at first; they bond over the shared intricacies of navigational maps, the perennial problem of unruly crew, and the issue of the Southern Twist; that airstream which really just hurls you around if you aren’t paying attention in Basanic skies.

And then the conversation turns to the other problems that Gregor faces on a regular basis.

“The First Mate was always complaining about mopping up the blood. She always wanted more buckets, you know? But I am telling her, there is only so much room for buckets on the ship, we are a supply vessel, not a bucket vessel, yes?”

He laughs uproariously, and Ingenium manages to hide his confusion through nervous laughter.

“And then there is the problem of turbulence, yes? How do you get precise incisions in the middle of a storm? The sacrifices these days never want to lay still and make it easy, always wriggling. It only makes the process more painful for them and more frustrating for us. And when you open the window to hurl out the chunks, you get the rain right in the eyes? One time, the wind was so fierce that it blew the hand right back into my face! Oh, how we laughed.”

He laughs again.

Ingenium does not.

The Group Speaks to Dazak

There is still a fair amount of suspicion from Dazak. He is not outwardly hostile, exactly, but it is clear that he is not telling you everything. He does not trust you, just as you do not trust him. You have appeared in a place you should not be, during what is very obviously a time of war. Now that you are walking away from the Cells, you can see the evidence of that all around. There are fresh scratches in the deep red brickwork; blastmarks of powder and magic which have reached deep into the heart of this place, which is so similar to the Grey Keep and yet – in its detail – so different.

Yet unlike the Grey Keep when it was last at war, there is none of the confusion and disarray which so often characterised the halls. The Guards here are on high alert, and they stand to rigid attention as Dazak passes. Unlike the King you know so well, he does not wave for them to relax as he passes; he does not put them at their ease. He seems instead to take satisfaction from their display of discipline.

“The Lady of the Keep.” He muses, “If I had any doubt that you were not from here, asking after her would have told me so immediately. She is a … complicated, woman. And perhaps the greatest evidence of our King’s wisdom.”

You round a corner to a Massport Chamber and Dazak begins to key in the coordinates. Gregor looks distinctly uncomfortable now.

“She is a woman who committed a great many crimes. Some of them with good cause, some of them not. She is also a truly brilliant mind. There is perhaps only one in the entire world who could best her, and that is our King.”

Dazak activates the massport, and all at once you are in the Hangar Bays – so similar to the Grey Keep, but infinitely different in detail.

The dirigibles here are built for war, battle, and blood. Enormous, heavy constructions all sharp-prow’d and wreathed in chains. Except for one. One seems to have been melded somehow with a more recognisably Basanic design; its sharp points and ferocious angles interrupted by smooth curves and ornate decoration which seems completely alien to its dark aspect.

This ship, unsurprisingly, bears the wrought-iron nameplate: Stormsurge.

“I do not know if they truly love one another, but they respect one another, and for people such as they, I think that is as close as they get. They married, and he made her the head of His Atonement Office. Those whose sworn duty is to allocate the correct measure of sacrifice necessary to rectify the damage they have done to the world. In times such as these, it is a demanding task.”

He holds up his hand and immediately Gregor ceases in his efforts to guide you towards the Stormsurge.

“Before we go further, my friends.” Dazak says, “I have shared knowledge of my world. You, obviously, are not from here. But you seem to think you should know me. Please, tell me, who am I to you?”

Day Three – The Question.

The hangar bay is a vast space which is very familiar to anyone who has been on the Keep before, with several dirigibles including the Stormsurge – described above. Gregor nervously awaits Dazak’s permission to continue guiding you towards it. Perhaps you could spirit him away if you distracted Dazak? Or perhaps if you answer Dazak’s question he will not bar your path.

There are many people going about the standard work to keep dirigibles operational; they seem too busy to pay you any mind.

A gang of prisoners shackled together are being herded towards a large and foreboding dirigible.

The unmistakable garb and controlled posture betray the form of an Oblivion Mage who is keeping a watchful eye over the hangar bay. There are, as there are everywhere else, many red-clad Guards.

There are several Windows which look out onto unfamiliar skies.                                                                                                                                        


Action Type Fate Points
Memorise the Hangar Bay Massport Coordinates Interact 5
Answer Dazak’s Questions (Please note that ignoring this may have consequences – please include your full response in reply) Interact 2
Attack Dazak Threat Probably Quite A Lot
Speak with Dazak on other issues Interact 4
Speak with Gregor Interact 4
Follow Gregor Ivorok onto the Stormsurge Move 4 +1 per person beyond the first.
Examine the gang of prisoners Interact 3
Examine a Window Interact 3
Examine the Oblivion Mage magically Interact 2
Examine the Guards Interact 2
Speak with the Guards Interact 4
Attack the Guards Threat 10-20
Speak with the Oblivion Mage Interact 4
Attack the Oblivion Mage Threat 20-30
Move back to the Massport Chambers Move 2 +1 per person beyond the first.

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