RoC Online – Group Phantom – A Price to be Paid

RoC Online Group Phantom – A Price To Be Paid

The Group Examine the Room

Between the array of skills levelled at the task it is a relatively easy thing for the group to determine the nature of the room and its purpose.

It is a horrific, blasphemous construction by any measure that one might wish to judge it. The door is sealed with powerful protections which combine blood magic and the power of the Nexus, which is so close at hand.

In order to pass the barrier, blood needs to be paid from individuals of sufficient power and notability in the eyes of the Gillieabad. That blood is passed on to an unknown being, though it is not difficult to suppose that all things in this place lead inexorably to Archibald.

Once that debt has been paid, the enchantment over the door will fade for a span of a day and a night, after which it will replenish itself from the energies of the Nexus.

There do not seem to be any magical protections over the individuals that are present, nor any alarms upon the manacles that hold them in place. It is impossible to pass the doorway without offering sufficient blood, and though it is an unsavoury manner of thinking, the number of prisoners here do indeed feel like they would be – barely – sufficient to offer passage.

There are no other traps or protections laid than the ones which seem completely obvious. Indeed, it feels as though – once the enchantment has been broken – it may be possible to lay a magical barrier in place to prevent the reformation of the enchantment at its appointed time, though doing so would certainly be very obvious when the next people came down here to check on the prisoners… or pass beyond the protection.

“Do you wish to leave?”

That offer would have fallen on deaf ears a few minutes earlier. However, now that you have spent a considerable amount of time examining the manacles and discussing the protections and warding in place in a manner which makes it utterly clear that you know what you are talking about, there is some light of hope returning to the eyes of the individuals present. At least some of them.

“I want to go home.” The voice is quiet, almost as though the man who utters it fears to make the desire known. “I failed in my duty, but that doesn’t mean I deserve death. I’m just a man.”

“Aye, me too.” Says another, and soon there is a chorus of voices from the walls.

In all, six of the individuals present want their freedom – and the remainder begin to decry them, including the man who had spoken originally.

“We FAILED!” He bellows, “How dare you refuse the atonement that The Saviour demands of you? How dare you turn your back on honour?! You think there is any place in this world for people such as you? Who abandon your oaths and then turn your back on your kind a second time?! COWARDS!”

Ricky, though, doesn’t seem to be listening to him. Though he is a little unsteady after his injuries, he is already moving towards the first who wishes to be freed. “No alarms, right? It’s an easy choice.” And if left to his own devices, the Naedite will swiftly have the six prisoners down and on their feet again.



Action Type Difficulty
Move back? Move 2+1 Per Person (Ricky doesn’t count)
Talk to the Prisoners Interact 4 per question
Pour Dazak’s Blood into the Drain Interact 4
Pour Your Own Blood into the Drain Interact 4
Sacrifice the Prisoners Interact 4
Stop Ricky Threat 5