RoC Online – Group Phantom – Castling the King

RoC Online Group Phantom – Castling the King

Thaddius Heals Ricky

Thaddius was the first to notice that Ricky was the only member of the group who had not cried out when the bolts came. Experienced as he was in the ways of battle, he knew that this was a very bad sign. On the rest, where the bolts had grazed flesh, the wounds were shallow and indistinct; a pair of injuries laid one atop the other. Strange, to be sure, and unpleasantly painful, but far from lethal. Ricky had enjoyed no such ethereal uncertainty. The bolt sprouted from his flesh sure and true.

Thaddius swore as he removed the bolt, and the man’s blood flowed between his fingers. In this place, this accursed chamber, this damned world, Tiberius’ sight felt very far away – as though it were peering, rather than staring full upon him. Indeed, as he called to prayer and song, this time, he felt the attention of another being with that name stirring. It was not the Tiberius that he knew so well; this was a being only of duty and the rigid enforcement of the responsibility heaped upon one’s shoulders. There was none of the true Tiberius’ compassion, none of his valour or his remorse at the pain that battle brings.

But wherever Thaddius walked, he brought his Lord with him, and as his voice rose in valorous song, the chamber seemed almost to reverberate with it. The shackles around Kincaid’s wrists glowed brilliantly once more, and Ricky’s wounds closed and were sealed.

“Thought, I was a goner, there.” The man said as he clambered back to his feet, and clasped hands with Thaddius. “Thank you, friend. I shan’t forget this.”

Silvana to investigate room using Mundane Senses

5 Fate Spent, 3 Fate Discount

Now that the traps were known to her, Silvana could see how the space had been constructed. It was ingenious, really, to ensure that there would be no place to hide when the trap was sprung. If they were any common intruder – well, they would surely be dead. But this didn’t make any sense. What purpose did a room like this serve?

They had massported in, but there was no sign of the beacon. As she thought about that, she was reminded of the cunning of her Helgathian fellows; when you really wanted to hide something, you didn’t just hide the thing itself, you hid the means of concealment as well.

She bent and took some cloth from her person. First, she had to wipe away their mingled blood. Then, polish the ice. There, beneath it, as she had suspected, was the beacon. So that was the means of entrance.

Walking amongst the pillars, she was careful to remain as silent as possible. She didn’t trust whatever mechanism had detected Kincaid’s words. It seemed doubtful that they were particularly discerning; any of the exhortations to speak seemed to be a tacit admission of guilt, and in this place it felt like ‘guilt’ was something punished extremely harshly.

Her sharp eyes could see the areas which hadn’t suffered from direct bolt strikes, though. People standing there would still be struck, but from other angles. The first two, with proper polishing, yielded strange artifice encased in the ice. The last, though, revealed what she had been hoping to find.

A doorway. Carved into the ice, it was lined with ancient symbols visible only beneath the outer surface, but even as she revealed it, it pivoted inwards, revealing a stretching, yawning space down into darkness.

Everyone Investigates with Magic

5 Fate Spent

Though the pillar had lied about the route to ‘safety’, or indeed ‘onwards’, it seems that it had not lied about this space being protected against magic of all kinds. But, as Kincaid had correctly surmised, the shackles that bind him to this place allow some circumnavigation of those restrictions. A conduit between the fate from which they had come and the fate into which they had been thrust, they can, all of them, see that this place has been made a dead zone of magic; devoid of any link to power beyond that which was inherent to their beings.

This hole in the Nexus was an impressive example of how completely its creator must understand the workings of magic. More than that, though, it was an integral part of the prison. No purely arcane force could traverse a space such as this; no power of scrying or foresight could see through it; no supernatural communication could pass beyond it. The entrance to Sewrag’s prison was also a perfect blocker for any attempts she might have to reach around it.

And yet, she had done just that; to all of you.

And as Phillip turned his attention to the Gillieabad of the area, already reflexively tense at the thought of the horror he had uncovered last time, he was surprised to find that there was indeed a presence here – the light of the moon, the only light which reaches into this space, touches him. And it is a familiar light. It is as calm and loving and gentle as Congal Claen’s light has ever been; soothing and beautiful. Whilst she might not see this place, she does see all of you – as clearly as she sees any of her other children.

Phillip tries to Heal the Wounds

12 Fate Spent, 12 Fate Challenge

Emboldened by the reassuring touch of a familiar spirit, Phillip turned his attention to the matter of the wounds placed upon each of them. It was not something even he had ever seen before, but his mind raced with possibilities as to what they might mean and how they might be healed. Surely, this, would not be beyond him.

And indeed, with so many examples of the injuries to inspect, it was not beyond his incredible mind to work out precisely what would be required to heal them.

“Well.” Phillip shared within the private circle which connected them all. “There are a few things which I think could work. There are particular sacred chalks which the Church of Bethylak use to contain and control Wrinkles. I think if those were powdered and made into a salve, that would do the trick.”

“Assuming that none of you have that to hand, though, we also should be able to repair the damage by, uh, kind of, convincing the injury that we’ve stuck ourselves in a fate line. It isn’t an easy thing, but I think we could do it if we came across a fellow traveller in fate who has died. That should stabilise their form and we can latch on to it after, then heal it normally.”

And Suddenly, Dazak

When he arrived, Dazak did so with no drama, no sudden flare of power or insightful proclamation. He was just, quite suddenly, standing amongst you all as you inspect your wounds. He looks, perhaps, a little more worn around the edges than he had been when you first arrived here. There are slight bags under his eyes; a rumpled quality to his coat. But he is still Dazak, and he still holds himself with the confidence and regality that you have come to expect from your King… you have to remind yourself that this man, in his plain coat, with his familiar face, is NOT that man. Even as he says words which you have heard him say many times before.

“I have bought us some time.” And that smile. If the others are correct and this man really is dead and gone, it will, perhaps, be the sad, rueful smile which you will remember most.

“Please understand, I have seen many powers rise up against Archibald in my years of service to him. I have seen hundreds of people, good and bad, who thought they could outsmart him. Many more things which were not truly people any longer who thought they could overpower him. I have never believed that he was in any real danger of failing, until now.”

“I have silenced the alarm attached to this room. The nature of it means that even he cannot see what we speak of here, and his magic cannot reach this place. For the moment, he is distracted. Confused. He tells me that his enemies are massing on a castle of stone on a distant moon, and he believes there is some disturbance in the Heavens. Archibald is not a man who I have ever known to hesitate before, but he seems uncertain where he should direct his attention. I have suggested that he take it up with the Lady of the Keep. He will spend some time, speaking, with her, though I cannot say for how long and I must not be here when he tries to find me again.”

“So, I shall be quick. There are two more chambers between you and Sewrag Musakask. The first will demand a sacrifice of blood. The second you will simply need to overpower.”

Before any of you can truly realise what he is doing, he has brought a wicked-looking dagger from the inside of his coat, and in one smooth motion, slashed his hand open. The blood flows quickly, freely, into a flask, which he offers to you.

“Use this for the first. I know you have the means to overcome the second. If you have any other questions, ask them swiftly, please.”


Action Type Difficulty
Move to the next chamber Move 2+1 Per Person (Ricky doesn’t count)
Talk to Dazak Interact 4
Reach Congal Claen Interact 10-15
Take Dazak’s Blood Interact 0