RoC Online Group Phantom – Enemies All

“I am now and forever an enemy of the saviour”

4 Fate Expenditure

After the eerie silence brought on by the psionic circle, Kincaid’s defiant voice echoed within the frozen chamber. It resounded from the walls and seemed almost to be amplified by the architecture of the place. For several long moments, his own echoing cry came back at him.

“I am now






ENEMY                                                           THE SAVIOUR

                                                                                                                   I am now







The chaotic swirl of echoes was enough to confuse most of those present, but Silvana’s sharp ears catch the subtle cracking and breaking noise of the ice. Something in her brought the moment sharply into focus, and her eyes snapped to the formation of the pillars – the way they had been arranged, subtly, so that there was no spot within the chamber which was not within line of sight of them.

                                                                        “GET DOWN!”

Silvana’s warning was the only thing which stopped the entire group being caught dead as the ice covering the pillars broke, and the dozens of tension-laden crossbows within unleashed their deadly payloads. The sound of breaking ice and ricocheting bolts became deafening, the air filled with clouds of ice vapour, and blood.

The wounds which remain are painful, and unusual. Each cut seems as though it has been laid upon you twice, the wounds struggling against one another to find purchase upon the uncertain existence of your form.


All present take 1 point of Fate Damage (reduced from 2 by Silvana’s Keen Senses)

You may expend 5 Fate to save Ricky – this decision will need to be made by 5pm.

Action Type Difficulty
Investigate the Room with Mundane Skills Interact 5
Investigate the Room Magically Interact 1
Perform a Ritual Interact Dependant on details of the ritual.
Inspect Fate Wounds Interact 10-15

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