RoC Online – Group Phantom – Forwards to the Past

With the power of Sewrag within them, the group turn their attention to the past and the sense of danger that waits for them there.

Their decision made, they feel the power begin to bleed from them almost immediately. It is to spare them, as much as it is to effect the journey that they have chosen. Even with all working in tandem with each other, they are not strong enough to hold the full and undiluted power of the Mother of Destiny; their bodies, minds and spirits were simply not equipped to comprehend such vast vistas of reality, and had they held it too much longer they would surely have begun to feel the consequences of containing such possibilities within themselves.

There is but a singular moment in The Past, held within the centre of those two all-consuming suns; the blazing bonfires of history which each seek hungrily to consume the other. They step towards it in unity, boots crunching heavily into the snow of this place, and in the next moment they are warping towards it, leaving the between-space of Sewrag’s unreality and instead coming swiftly towards the blindingly bright conflagration.

As they approach, winding tendrils of Grimm Matter; grey and terrible, oblivion made manifest, reach out to bar their passage. But the power of Sewrag will not be denied, least of all by these unworthy manifestations. Though they reach for the companions, their corrosive touch can find no purchase upon them, and the winding tendrils lash and coil in frustration, unable to claim these beings.

Each of them can feel the sticky cling of the Grimm Matter as it attempts to steal them; an electric buzz against their skin as the power of Sewrag, already ebbing from them, pulses and pushes back against the malevolent force. There is a sudden and violent burst from that power, and only the faintest traces remain within them; coiled, sleeping, and renewing itself.

But their journey is not yet at an end.

The Moment lays before them, frozen between the destructive forces. They cannot see it clearly, but they can get an impression of it; of two young men, no more than boys in truth, with love and remorse and terrible, terrible pain between them.

But before that pivotal moment there rests a single ship in sentinel guard. Dark and terrible, the blackened boards are wrapped in thick chains, and dead-eyed warriors stare up from the deck. They had been waiting, a single scout, watching this moment for any opportunity to raid and take what they could; but with the barrier of the Grimm Matter breached, their attention has turned skywards and towards the descending, tumbling figures.

Already, they are drawing weapons; vicious axes and swords to crash against their shields as they prepare for these apparent interlopers.

But these three are no hapless castaways to be strewn onto the winds of destiny and blown where they will. Between them, Phillip, Silvana and Thaddius feel as though they may yet exert some control over where they land.

They could, if they wished, land upon the decks of the ship and prepare to do battle with the Grimmsvoten host; perhaps if they could overcome such a terrible force they may yet be able to reach The Moment.

Elsewise, they could drop to the ground, where they see frozen ice and snow glittering in perpetual winter. There are no tracks in the snow, no sign of any living thing. Who knows when or where they may be if that were their choice, but they feel that the dead eyes of the Grimmsvoten could not see it, and the power of Sewrag would not have set them on a path which would not ultimately reach their destination.

Or, perhaps most desperate of all, they could fling themselves above the ship of the Grimmsvoten and cast themselves into the corona of fire and death which is the conflux of two all-consuming fates. Sewrag’s power is diminished, but it is not yet gone entire, and there is some small chance, perhaps, that such may let them reach The Moment in the most direct route…


And so we enter this new and exciting phase of the story!

Please note that you currently have 12 Understanding which I would encourage you to spend.

Action Type Cost
Brave the Grimmsvotten Movement 5
Dare the Virgin Snow Movement 10
Test Yourselves in Fate’s Fire Movement 15