RoC Online – Group Phantom – Questions and Answers

“What Happened to You?”

The old man seems to be the one who has recovered his wits quicker than the other two. Whilst they are younger and fitter than he, he has a strength of will which seems quite remarkable given the trial that he seems to have been through. Whilst the two younger men quail from the others, the older man takes a few moments to recover his composure, and then he begins to speak.

His explanation is simple and to the point. He was the Ondrask of Terishka, which was the property of Arcspire. He had apparently failed in his duty and was taken and transformed by the Dralkosh into a Sudpozateel in order to continue his service to the Dralkosh.

His time with the Dralkosh remains somewhat hazy and foggy in his mind but he is sure that this couldn’t have happened too long ago – perhaps a year or two at the most – he is quite certain that if it had been much longer than that he would not be anywhere near as coherent as he is.

He seems quite honest and forthright in his actions and his explanation. He does not understand how it was that he had failed his duty to the Dralkosh; that was not something that was made explicit or clear to him, and he is absolutely certain that he had been making all the proper rites and obeisance to her.

The transformation has definitely taken a toll upon him, however. He does not remember his name, nor the specifics of his village, his family or his friends. He knows that the two others with him were people from the village, but they are too far gone to provide any useful or collaborative information at all. He only remembers that he is (or was) the Ondrask of Terishka; that has remained core to his personality, too deep and too true to be erased by the Dralkosh’s magic.

This place is very far from his Dralkosh’s lands, he is certain of that; very far indeed.


“What has been going on around here?”

The Ondrask has to think hard for a long time to recall what he had been doing. Eventually, though, he is able to piece together a few important facts.

He had been sent ahead of his Dralkosh to scout the area and ensure that they would face little resistance as she passes through. She is planning to move south through Zemahra, through Teekegephry, and towards the border with the Ancestral Lands.

He does not know why she is doing this; he presumes that it is because the Spire wants to move south, but he is also very clear that trying to judge the motivations and desires of either the Dralkosh or the Spire is a foolish thing to do and that he does not know for certain why it is she instructed him to do this whilst he was her creature.

He is also very curious to know what you are doing here, how you saved him and who you are so that he can thank you properly for the great service you have done him.


Thanks Haswi Gek

Whilst Silvana and Thaddius discuss matters with the Ondrask, Phillip lays out his ritual equipment and pays thanks to the spirit who had sacrificed so much to keep them safe.

He can sense that the spirit’s presence still lingers on and in them; they still have the spirit’s gratitude, but equally, this will not last forever. Through his ritual link, he can already sense the chains sliding into place around the unfortunate creature as the Grimmsvoten begin to steal all that it was, is and could ever be.



Action Type Fate Point Cost
Commune with the Power of Sewrag Interact 5
Scout the Village Interact 5
Scout the Forest Interact 5
Scout the Heat Haze Interact 5
Scout the Mountain Interact 5
Travel to the Village Directly Movement 4+2 per person
Travel to the Village through the Forest Movement 2+1 per person
Explore the Forest Movement 2+1 per person
Travel up the Mountain Movement 6+2 per person
Travel to the Heat Haze Movement 4+2 per person
Question the Ondrask Interact 4 per question.
Answer the Ondrask’s questions Interact 0