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Ingenium Fixes the Massport Beacon

6 Fate Discount

Ingenium almost had to roll his eyes when he heard the ‘fut’ and saw the small wisp of smoke rising from the interior of the massport beacon. He knew immediately that the signal wire had burned out. It was one of the most common problems in the design of the beacon; the filament used to receive the location information was by far the most common point of failure.

It was a little unusual for the failure to happen immediately after a port rather than before, though; a safety measure integrated into most designs that he was aware of meant that the information would burn out the filament before anyone was teleported. You didn’t want to risk components burning out when people were midway there.

As he opened up the beacon and replaced the wire, almost on autopilot, he ran a quick series of diagnostic checks on the artifice, going through the standard safety routine he would do were he conducting such a fix back home.

He was right. The breakage was simple, but the cause was unusual. After the massport key they had been given was used, someone had waited until there was confirmation of the fact that they had all arrived safely, and then sent a nonsensical burst that had clearly been designed to overload the beacon and burn it out.

Sewrag Musakask

Kincaid touched his hand to the orb. He was the one who had heard the name spoken most clearly, after all; it only made sense that he would be the one to try and prize more information on it from whatever strange artifice was being used to store information here.

No sooner had he touched his palm to the crystal than he felt a presence make itself known in his mind; polite, waiting.

‘Sewrag Musakask?’

The voice which answered was bland and simple. There was no trace of emotion or any accent.

‘Sewrag Musakask. Mother of Destiny. Most prophecies related to Sewrag Musakask are restricted. There is ONE prophecy which has not yet been classified. Accessing now.

The People Who Chose have spoken with, will speak with, and speak now with She Whose Heart is Kept.

Her words are many and important and all that follows hinges upon them.

What is saved is ever broken and yet it breaks more beautifully in the then which isn’t than the now that is.

When once it was through the tale and story of far more placing themselves between the many and the menace, now there is but One and He makes all choices.

The Once-King dies and His servants scramble with His life in their hands to find the one who serves a dead Master with loyalty. That one brings insight clothed in aggression in the worst times which forged hope from Shadow’s end.

It all leads to Him.

It has always led to Him.

It will always lead to Him.”

This prophecy was recorded by Bethric Calibus. It has been granted a rating of UNRELIABLE as there has been no communication with Sewrag Musakask (She Whose Heart Is Kept) since her capture. It is our hypothesis that this prophecy has been prevented from coming to pass by His Majesty’s foresight.

Thank you for your query, Kincaid Blackstaff. Would you like further information?”

King Archibald Urdegrith the First of Daer Akmir

Stepping forwards, Silvana placed her hand against the orb labelled ‘Cultural History’ and focused her mind. She had great experience dealing with crystals, and she was unsurprised to find that this acted much as she thought it would. The moment she made contact with it, the orb’s presence was known in her mind, and she sent her query.

‘King Archibald Urdegrith the First of Daer Akmir?’

The voice which responded was entirely neutral; genderless, toneless and with no hint of accent.

“King Archibald Urdegrith is the first King of a unified Daer Akmir. What would you like to know about him? Popular subject areas include:


Foundation of the Atonement Office.

Foundation of The Church of the Saviour.

Impact on Egaria.

Impact on Eidolos.

Impact on Rhygahrea.

Impact on the  Vorokian Worlds.

Impact on the Ancestral Lands.

Impact on the Frozen North.

Impact on Helgath.

Impact on the Low Kingdom.

Impact on the Rice Empire.

Impact on the Royal Basin.

Personal History.

Please specify your search criteria and I will be happy to elucidate further. Thank you for your query, Silvana Helgathsdotter.”


Action Type Fate Points
Speak with the Archivist Interact 4
Leave the Archives via Massport Move 3+1 per person
Leave the Archives via The Door Move 4+1 per person
Talk to Ricky Interact 4
Ask a Question of the Archives Interact 5

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