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Silvana, Phillip and Kincaid Check the Massport Key

3 Fate Discount

Dazak disappears again, making good on his statement that he needed to return to work. This is likely for the best, as it means that he does not watch as the gathered individuals use a vast array of magical talents to check that the key is what he said it is.

And that does seem to be the case. The key is active in the Source, keyed to the Nexus which surrounds all of you. It does not take long to determine that if one were to attempt to use a Massport Beacon without one of these keys they would likely wind up dispersed throughout their target destination, rather than safely and in one piece.

Unless they have an awareness of the defences that have been put in place and have another means to overcome the Lock in place on the massport Chamber, that is.

Everyone Moves to the Archives

The journey to the massport chamber goes relatively smoothly. It seems that the Keep is well-defended, and now that their reinforcements are not coming the Daemonic forces are fighting to survive amongst the twisting corridors and chambers of the floating fortress.

The technician takes your presentation of the Key as proof that you do indeed have authorisation for the journey you are asking to undertake, and you are immediately standing in the middle of the Archives.

The room is a heptagon, with an exit directly behind you and a massport beacon in the centre of the room. The walls are the same red stone which make up the majority of the rooms you have seen thus far, with the same light-making artifice which had banished the shadows in the cells upon your arrival put to the same purpose here.

Behind you is an exit out into the Keep proper. Each of the other walls has a crystal orb placed into the centre of it, along with a plaque which states the areas of information they may be quizzed upon.

There is also a Bald Archivist standing to the side of the massport beacon, who gives a respectful nod as you arrive.

“Good afternoon.” He says, pleasantly. “I do not believe I have seen you before. To use the archive, simply press your palm to the crystal and ask your question. I’m afraid it is one at a time. Some areas are classified, but the vision will let you know if that is the case.”

The six crystals are labelled:

Political History of Daer Akmir

Cultural History of Daer Akmir

Military History of Daer Akmir

Threats to Daer Akmir

Prophecies of Daer Akmir

Status Reports

No sooner have you got your bearings than the massport beacon gives a faint ‘fut’ and a coil of smoke rises from the crystal at its centre. The archivist frowns. “Oh.” He says, “That’s a nuisance.”


Action Type Fate Points
Speak with the Bald Archivist Interact 4
Leave the Archives via Massport Move 4+1 per person
Leave the Archives via The Door Move 4+1 per person
Talk to Ricky Interact 4
Ask a Question of the Archives Interact 5
Inspect the Massport Beacon Interact 4
Fix the Massport Beacon Interact 5-10


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