RoC Online – Group Phantom – The Blood Debt

RoC Online Group Phantom – The Blood Debt

Returning from the Grey Keep, you are left shaken by what you have seen. Dazak and Archibald had clashed, and the Grey Keep had suffered for it. No doubt Dazak, too, would suffer for his betrayal. But he had said, even knowing that he would surely face his own end, that he must help Archibald. The man who has helped you so much is not your King, but there is perhaps an echo of that selflessness within him, and even now he stands between you and the unstoppable force that is King Archibald Urdegrith.

You have his blood, and the promise of a chamber where such will be needed. Kincaid is left badly drained by his experience, bringing forth Dazak and holding the power of the Grey Keep for even those few brief moments has clearly exacted a toll upon the Archmage. Still, he walks unaided, even if every step speaks heavily to the fatigue in his bones.

At least the other wounds you had sustained are healed. The power of the Oracle, her compassion and her kindness, have smoothed the wounds of fate and removed the pain you have endured in your attempt to fix this dire situation.

Moonlight continues to stream in across the glittering ice, and slowly, carefully, Phillip lays out his ritual materials and begins to speak.

Phillip Contacts Congal Claen

Reaching into the night sky, Phillip is relieved to find that Congal Claen remains as she ever was; distant and untouched by the troubles of the world spinning below her. He asks her to take the story of this space in which she stands, but he feels her confusion; that he does not know that story, and she cannot therefore take it from him.

Poor Phillip. His mere existence damages the fabric of the world and the people within it, yet he is ever drawn back into that space by his love and his wish to defend and protect it. In his effort to reach out to her, Congal Claen sees him so very clearly, sees all that he is and all that he has done, all that he has done, and perhaps it is surprising that she nevertheless forgives him. Her mercy and compassion are boundless; she lifts him up beyond the confines of that strange prison in which he stands, and as he had wanted to know of it, she shows him the story of how it came to be.

To The Next Chamber

The stone stairs are long and winding. It is a claustrophobic journey down into the wending darkness, with cold moisture drizzling through the stones above turning every footstep into a potential trial.

Nevertheless, you are a sure-footed lot, and together you are able to traverse the passage down, away from the light of the moon.

The chamber beneath is far more akin to the kind of prison you had no doubt expected to see. Here, there are two dozen men and women bound in chains to the walls of the chamber. Each has the physique of a trained warrior; a soldier, though they have had their uniforms stripped from them and their matted, dirty features imply that they have not been well-cared for. Running beneath each is a gutter. In the centre of the room there is a simple table, and upon that table, a knife with a blood-red blade.

Beyond them, at the far end of the chamber, is an enormous door lined with runes of power which blaze ferociously. The gutter running around the edge of the room slopes to come to an end at the doorway.

You can, all of you, feel that your connections to your various forms of magical strength return.

No doubt your first instinct is to talk to the prisoners. Most are taciturn and refuse to speak. One, however, speaks up as you begin your questioning.

“We are soldiers who failed in our duty to Archibald and have been sentenced here as lock and key.” He says, his thick Frozen North accent making each word harsh but clear. His fellows glare at him as he speaks. “What? I do not fear the judgement before us. The Lady was clear. When the knife is used to end us, all that we are shall be no more. Until we are dead, the runes will not fade and the doors will not open. If you wish to pass here, we must first die.”


Action Type Difficulty
Move back? Move 2+1 Per Person (Ricky doesn’t count)
Talk to the Prisoners Interact 4 per question
Pour Dazak’s Blood into the Drain Interact 4
Do Something Else ??? Let the ref know and you’ll get an approximate value.