RoC Online – Group Phantom – The Guardian of Destiny

Thaddius stepped forward and looked the protesting prisoner in the eye. He sighed. It was a difficult thing, this. The man clearly felt that he had failed in his duty and that this was the only way to make recompense. In a different time, in a different place, perhaps Thaddius could have explained to him that one’s duty should never compel them to undertake such heretical, horrific practices; that the trust this man placed in his leaders was being abused. Authority alone could never justify such tyrannical practices. But this was not the right time nor place to engage in such discussion. Unpicking the horror of such intense brainwashing would take months, or years, if it was even possible.

His fist connected with the man’s jaw and he fell slack and silent. Ricky gave a regretful nod to Thaddius as he corralled the prisoners, at Silvana’s order. “Okay. We’ll stay here and watch your back. Good luck in there.”

As the rest of the group poured Dazak’s blood into the drain, he was already starting to marshal them into a workable defensive force. They didn’t have much in the way of weaponry, but apparently Ricky had on his person no fewer than four daggers and a shortsword which he had somehow kept concealed. Some of these were now handed out to the freed souls who looked most capable of standing and the readiest to fight.

The protections around the doorway flared briefly at the taste of Dazak’s blood, and then they began to recede. There was a great grinding of stone as the door opened, and the group prepared themselves to step forward into the last chamber between themselves and Sewrag; the chamber which Dazak had described as being a test of power.


At first, the space seemed relatively sedate. The architecture here was different to that of the brutalist, harsh style favoured in the rest of the Red Keep. The light within the chamber was guttering and dim, but it lit tall arches and a high, domed ceiling. As they stepped inside, each kept their weapons at the ready, their minds attuned to their realms of power that they might spy whatever test or trial Dazak had been talking about. At the far end of the room lay a door; ornate and beautiful in its artistry, but plain and without the magical sigils which had marked the previous entrance.

Silvana’s head snapped upwards as something moved in the ceiling above.


Reacting together, the group dove to the side as the immense bulk of the guardian dropped from the ceiling above and slammed into the polished floor. A huge spear swept across the space, and it was only Silvana’s warning cry which saved them from being split asunder by the terrifying weapon.

The muscular figure bristled with spines, a pair of horns erupting from his head, curved and powerful. Thick, shaggy hide covered him across his bulk. As he rose to confront the interlopers in his domain, his pure white eyes stared down at them – unblinking, unseeing, set in a face made of harsh angles. His expression was unforgiving, grim, and utterly unyielding.

Phillip could feel the power of the Wyld boiling from his hide, the great spirit trapped beneath his skin, forced to grow the form into a potent guardian and protector against all those who would dare to trespass in his master’s halls. Around his wrists and ankles, shackles of cold black iron have been hammered into place, his neck wrapped in an iron collar bolted into place.

When he spoke, his voice was the rumble of the mountains; rocks slamming into one another with the inevitable, crushing, all-consuming force of the landslide, poised to bury the little men and women who sought to enter his chamber.


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“I am Kenhain. Lord of Spirits. Father of Murder. Bringer of Death. First and last of my name. I have butchered Gods and slaughtered Daemons by the score. I broke the Altars of the old ways and crushed the armies of the desert beneath my feet. When I take to the field of battle, not even the stars are safe in the sky. Thank you for daring this chamber, little ones. It has been an age since my bloodlust was slaked!”



You have 22 Fate Points to spend and 8 Understanding.

Action Type Fate point cost
Confront Kenhain. Lord of Spirits. Father of Murder. Bringer of Death. First and last of his name. Threat (Good plan/description would be useful) 20-50. This action may select you if it is not undertaken.
RETREAT Movement 2+1 per person
Call for Backup from Ricky & Co. Interact 4
Try to Reach the Door Movement 4+1 per person
Do Something Clever ??? Inform your ref ahead of time and you’ll get a fate point cost.