RoC Online – Group Phantom – The Heart of the Keep

Phillip Alters the Mind of the Archivist

6 Fate expended. 5 Fate to overcome. 1 Fate returned.

It was not particularly challenging to reach out and change the mind of the man before him. Phillip knew how to mould the minds of lesser beings like so much clay. The difficulty, it transpired, was doing so whilst remaining hidden from the immense power dominating the Astral. Maintaining the psionic circle was comparatively simple now that he had it held in his mind, that was merely a matter of ensuring that the background wavelengths hid the active effect.

Concentrating, Phillip had to channel the power through that circle in order to hide the fluctuations as his mind took hold of the archivist’s own, and replaced the last few minutes with the fantasy that he had constructed.

It was challenging, but he was fairly certain that he had accomplished it without alerting anything that was looking for them – and then he was being grabbed by his companions, and whisked away.

The Group Massports to Power Source Alpha.

The first massport goes off without a hitch. It is, of course, impossible to know whether Ingenium’s modifications to the beacon were successful – but there’s no easy way to find out, and anyway, you have bigger problems to worry about.

Like the second massport, for instance.

You have a brief glimpse of a fairly standard room – it is an entryway of some kind into a sealed and warded chamber. But it lasts only a moment before you feel the temperature of the air drop heavily around you, and that same dreadful, awe-inspiring presence you had felt back in the Hanger Bay seizes you again.

Only, there is a sense that this presence has changed. It is smaller, somehow. More comprehensible. And yet, in being more comprehensible, it is infinitely more dangerous. It is as though all that this ancient and terrible being is has somehow been whittled down, confined, bound, and sharpened. She is only a whisper of that vast voice which had frozen time and whose mere presence could only be guessed at – but for being a whisper, she is more intimate, closer to you… and the knowledge that she sees you, all of you, makes your blood freeze within your veins.

She is no less confident, no less cruel, no less ageless or eternal – but the sun that is her heart has grown cold through centuries of abuse. You can hear the sneer in her voice, the contempt with which she holds this world of abomination and pain which she has been forced to fuel.

You are in no space at all. A frozen void, the only thing which implies physicality the sense that you know, somehow, that your breath mists the air even as your lungs burn for more of the aching vapour.

And then she speaks, and though she is quieter, her voice still fills all that is.

“You have come to free me. But you do not know what that would mean. To tear the heart out of this world, you will break the Knight’s power, aye, but with it you will sunder the last means we have to hold back those who would take it all.

Unshackle me from this place, let me roam unfettered again, and there will be a reckoning. With all that I am, I shall bring such justice upon those that have wronged us that has not been seen in generations.

But do not do this blindly. You stand outside fate. The path the Knight has carved is bloody and ill, but it is still a future. If you cannot replace it, then when the Enemies of All are done, there shall be naught left but ashes and shadow.

If you feel you are ready to proceed, speak so and I shall bring you as close to my containment as I may. Otherwise, speak where you would be sent, and if it is in my power, it will be so.

I sense there are others who are similarly bound. I will give you voice, for a time, to converse with them. Then you may answer.”


Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Proceed to The Voice. Movement 0
Go Elsewhere. Movement 0