RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week 2 – Echoes of War

Repelling the Boarders

15 Fate Cost

In some ways, it is the Shadow War all over again. The daemons and more desperate; their numbers more numerous. It is almost as though Zalphinia has emptied the Shadowlands in order to wage this war against humanity. But aside from that, the powers used and the backdrop of it, the true feeling of war rather than mere battle, is just as it had been back then.

In other ways, it is very different.

The discipline of these defenders of the Keep is completely unlike the rag-tag amalgamation of the familiar Fleet. They act in concert, the Oblivion Mage directing destructive power to obliterate the most dangerous of the enemy forces, the soldiery moving with ruthless efficiency to deflect the magical attacks of the daemon foe with their runic shields before their maces come to bear.

Nevertheless, the daemons are far from helpless. There always seem to be more of them, and their savagery is undiminished. Whilst they are, generally, more capable than their daemonic counterparts, each loss by the defenders is felt keenly.

That is where your efforts begin to show.

Kincaid chooses his targets carefully, and his magic tears into the daemonic forces with terrifying ease. Thaddius stands by his side, raining the righteous wrath of Tiberius upon the daemons, blowing many to bloody chunks.

Ingenium and Silvana concentrate on defence; between them, they are able to fend off the first wave of daemons with relative ease. Silvana’s defensive magics make up for the lack of runic shields, and the unexpected, completely different tactics that the group employs compared to the Red Keep’s usual guard makes an immediate and gratifying impact upon the daemonic foe…

Saving the Guard

And as all that happens, it is a simple thing for Phillip to reach out across the space of the Hangar Bay, and pluck the guard from the air just as the first blow lands.

He collapses, sagging, but Phillip is a potent defensive force in his own right, and his wards hold a perfect island of calm in the furious storm of blood and death. The man chokes, a hand pressed to his side. The effect of the mace is… disturbing, to behold.

Just one blow has torn flesh and burned the bone beneath. Against a normal person, this would probably be fatal almost immediately. But this man is clearly more than that.

“Naed, please, keep me together a little longer, this cause isn’t lost yet.”

The whispered prayer seems to work, slowly beginning to replace the flesh he has lost. “Airman Ricky Rollins, Sir.” He says, forcing himself up to his feet and saluting, before his wound demands his hand, and the healing energies of the prayer. “Engineer on the Stormsurge. The real one, not this crazy one. I’ve been hiding out ever since.

We need to get to the massport beacon. I can get us somewhere safe.”

Day 2 – The Second Wave

The first wave of Zalphinia’s forces are faltering, failing under the combined onslaught. So far, your wounds are superficial, but you are starting to feel the strain. You can’t keep this up forever. You also note that the entrance of the Stormsurge has been sealed by Gregor – a sensible man indeed. You could likely force your way on to escape the melee if desired.  

The second wave enter with the familiar sound of daemonic teleportation. They had not been expecting so many dead, though.

This is made apparent by the fact that they have amongst them some strange artifice – a weapon which has only been seen a few times during the Shadow War. A daemonic bomb fuelled by the captured souls of the innocent. If it is allowed to go off, it will surely take out the entire hangar bay. There aren’t as many defenders around it as the daemons would normally seek to place, but there may still be enough to buy them the time they need


Environmental Effect – Chaotic Melee – Movement is more difficult, in addition each player generates 1 fewer Fate Points this round.

Action Type Fate Points
Repel Boarders Threat 5-10
Defuse the Bomb Threat 5-10 (must Repel Boarders to reach the bomb)
Shout a Warning to the Oblivion Mage Interact 4
Defend Ricky Rollins Interact 4
Fight Defensively Threat 1-5 (if any of the actions below are taken without this one you may take damage)
Escape to the Massport Chamber in the Confusion Movement 2+2 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)
Assist The Saviour Threat A Really Good Plan – Description if you take this action please.
Enter the Stormsurge Interact 4+2 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)

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