RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week 2 – Sing a Song

RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week Two – Sing a Song

Thaddius Sings

Exhaustion is Cleared Immediately (rather than being downgraded to Fatigue)

There is a sombre silence which falls over the hangar bay as the last of the daemons fall. There are still sounds of combat further off, and it only takes a moment for the defenders to begin rallying to help their fellows. The dead are laid to the side, the injured are gathered along with a contingent of guards to fight their way through to the medical bay if necessary.

It seems that everyone here was simply expecting to return once more to their duties, with only the barest of rests to catch their breath. Then, Thaddius’ voice rings out across the space.

He sings of war, and brotherhood, and standing by one another

He sings of strength, and duty, and the hardships we endure so that we can protect what we love.

And for a short while, the silence in the hangar bay is not the hard and worn silence of a people who are – again – facing the harsh realities of blood and death, it is the silence of people remembering better times; taking hope and heart from the singing.

The Group Speaks With the Defenders

Ricky does not move off; “If I’m not with you when you get there.” He explains, “There might be trouble. I can wait.”

He murmurs another prayer to Naed, and the defenders who had been coming over to speak with you now that the song is sung seem to find their attention sliding right off him.

The conversations are brief; you are thanked for your assistance. There are questions about where you learned those kind of tactics and which of the King’s regiments you are assigned to. As a group, you are somewhat cagey about getting into too any details, but you at least manage to learn the general plan which had been put into action.

The King knew that Zalphinia would be a constant thorn in His side and that the power of the Shadowlands could either be a great boon in the War, or a potential distraction. He had foreseen that if He travelled to the Shadowlands and drew Zalphinia out, she would attempt to contain him and launch a counterattack on the Keep in order to seize His power – but of course, knowing that she would attempt this, he foresaw precisely how to escape her trap and lure her into one of his own.

They hadn’t been expecting it to happen for another seven minutes, and there are some (very quiet) murmurs of confusion about that. The King is never wrong, and therefore he must have foreseen that the very slight moment of confusion was somehow more advantageous than the direct assault – but they are confident that all will be well now that the daemons seem largely to be in retreat.

An Offer Made

The Hangar Bay is beginning to empty back to just a few guards, and the Oblivion Mage has left to continue scouring the Keep of the daemonic invaders, when Dazak reappears with as little fanfare as he had left.

“You did very well, thank you.” He says, “I had not expected that you’d be capable of magic on quite that level. Very impressive.”

He looks at each of you – and Ricky – in turn, but if he has anything to say about the man wearing the uniform of one of his soldiers, he keeps it to himself.

“Things are, strange. I cannot stay with you long, I must coordinate the defense of the Keep, but I think that if we are to understand this, you are at the centre of things. Take this.”

He offers you an amulet – gold, with a triangular ruby set in it.

“This will allow you access to the massport beacons. Ask the technician to allow you access to our archive. I suspect if you can learn of our history, we may find answers as to the point where things diverge, and perhaps that will tell us how you came to be here.”


Action Type Fate Points
Take the Massport Key Interact 0 – inform the system who is holding it.
Examine the Massport Key Magically Interact 2
Ask Ricky Rollins a Question Interact 4
Follow Ricky Rollins to the Resistance Movement 2+1 per person.
Go to The Archive Movement 2+1 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)
Ask Dazak a Question Interact 4
Enter the Stormsurge Interact 2+1 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)
Check Dazak Magically Interact 4
Go Daemon Hunting Interact 4+1 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)

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