RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week 2 – Surprise

RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week 2 – Surprise

The Plan

The plan is whilst kincaid calls upon the powers of reauth kadhjar and the power of the comet. Using ancient magics and the the hidden powers of the white table(one with everything) utilising the words of distant sight and accuracy to see exactly where Zalphina is along with the words teleportation, artifice, secrets, knowledge and accuracy to move and trigger the soul bomb just behind her. Well over the shoulder. To aid the saviour and either damage her or distract her enough so that he can cause a hopefully mortal blow to her.

Whilst kincaid is gathering and directing this arcane energies. Thaddius (using the words valour, leadership, honour and glory) Ingenium and silvana will be conducting and defensive fighting style covering phillip, kincaid and Ricky.

During this defensive actions they raise a call of to notify the oblivion mage to basically ignore the soul bomb and target his powers to the boarders.

Whilst this is going on phillip draws deep upon his magics using the words of ensnarement and suppression, teleportation. To remove the ability of additional attacker to enter the hanger.

The Result

Kincaid’s first instinct is to reach out to Reauth Kadhjar, and it is with dawning horror that he finds the power which controls this world stretches out there as well. It is a subtle thing, and perhaps if he was not so very attuned to that place he would not have noticed it, but it is there, and it means that he must turn his attention inwards. Back. Through the shackles, perhaps?

Yes. He and his fellows are not beings of this world. That is becoming clearer and clearer the more that he calls upon his power. The magic that he knows has not ceased to exist; it is still very much there, just not here. To connect to it, to the White Table, to the full power of the Source, he has to cast himself back through the shackles on his wrists, back to a world which makes so much more sense than this, and then channel it through into this place.

The shackles burn, and Kincaid roars as brilliant sapphire light fills the space. What are these chains made of, that they can act as a conduit to that kind of power without just burning out in an instant? They are a blinding, blazing blue sun as he raises his hands over his head –

Thaddius may not know the details of the immense demands being placed upon Kincaid’s magical talents, but he knows warfare like nobody else. His rallying cry has all the strength of Tiberius within it; by his example, his companions find themselves bolstered. This is a glorious battle; a struggle against the most hated foe, who dares to use the souls of the faithful against them, but together they will undo this evil and set it right!

The beacon that Kincaid had become meant that the daemons became desperate to bring him down. They died by the dozen, felled by Ingenium’s blade and Silvana’s tactical skills. The Red Keep’s defenders were not used to this kind of strategy; but they seem to realise the use of it quite quickly. With such a useful distraction drawing the daemons in, they are able to strike the daemons from behind. The Guildsfolk became an unbreakable anvil, on which the hammer of the Keep’s defenders broke their back.

-and then the bomb disappears.

Phillip had needed to time this perfectly. He had realised quite quickly that the effect which teleported the bomb into place was still present; that it would snap the bomb back the moment it was removed magically. He couldn’t lock the area against that until Kincaid had sent it away, either. Doing so would, at best, make it impossible to eject the bomb with the kind of accuracy they needed. At worst, it could trap them in here with it.

But Phillip had countless years of experience. He knew he could do it.

He waited until he sensed the ineffable shift in magical forces which indicated the teleportation was about to go into effect, and then he slammed his own protections into place.

He felt it, the hundreds of daemons still attempting to scrabble their way through his wards and into this reality, suddenly finding their teleportation halted just outside the boundaries of the Keep; leaving them to tumble endlessly through the sky and towards the ground below.

And the bomb, which he held further back – precisely where Kincaid wished to place it.


They – Kincaid and Phillip – are the only ones who can see the full results. The rest only notice that the daemons cease coming, and in just a few more moments, they are once again alone and needing to recover.

Kincaid and Phillip see a little more.

It is indeed Archibald, though not in any form that the pair have seen him before. The Archibald they know is almost always happy, light-hearted, helpful – he is the soul of the Keep and the Fleet which saw them through the darkest times by providing light when it seemed nobody else could.

This man is perhaps a little taller, and he is much more grim. There is a deep gouge in the front of his armour, but despite the injury he is destroying Zalphinia. The Grey Keep is gone, and it seems that the Daemon Queen cannot even hope to land a blow upon him. He moves easily through her attacks, countering with blow after relentless blow which are already taking their toll.

And then the bomb appears behind her.

Again, there is a moment of surprise – but this time, Zalphinia cannot capitalise. She is too haggard, too slow, and Archibald leaps upwards. One powerful boot slams into her chest, and she is sent crashing back against the bomb even as he throws himself backwards.

The detonation is all-consuming, and the very moment Zalphinia’s power is erased from this world, so too do the daemons cease in their endless assault.


Environmental Effect – Exhaustion – Each player temporarily grants -2 Fate to the pool.

Action Type Fate Points
Rest Threat 1 Fate Point per person.
Follow Ricky Rollins to Safety Movement 4 +1 per person.
Go to the Massport Chamber but do not follow Ricky from there. Movement 2+1 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)
Speak With the Defenders Interact 4
Enter the Stormsurge Interact 4+1 per person (Ricky Rollins will not count)

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