RoC Online – Group Phantom – Week 2 – The Battle

As you return to the hangar bay, the chill seems to lift from your bones. The all-pervasive darkness which had swallowed everything finally recedes, and it is as though you never left. Dazak stands before you, the horror of the Hangar Bay continues in its full and unhindered glory.

He opens his mouth to say something to you all once more – and then, suddenly, there is a shudder that runs through the floor. The immense structure you are in seems almost to shiver. Alarms begin to sound.

Dazak gets a far-off look in his eye for a moment, and then his voice fills the entire Bay. He is, all at once, the very picture of the King you know so well. “We are under attack.” He roars, “The Saviour has brought them to us. Do not disappoint him.”

There is no sound as the stone covering the hangar bay entrance simply falls away, and all at once those of you who were there before are back in the Shadow War, but it is so different. Dirigible after terrible dirigible eject from other bays across this Red Keep, and a maelstrom of hateful energies and thunderous cannon fire are unleashed against the ancient enemy.

Perhaps in that moment you wonder how it is you could feel pity for Daemonkind. In other circumstances, it might be pleasant to see a battle in which you do not care for the losses on either side. The sky is filled is daemons; winged monstrosities tear into the chains which bind the ships together, their own soul-fuelled armada unleashes wave after wave of Soul Cannon fire into the last defenders of humanity.

And at the heart of it all there is the towering figure of Zalphinia. The Daemon Queen, clad in her armour of Angelus and Dragonbone…

As the dirigibles within the hangar bay lift and leave to join the fight, Dazak brings you back from the immensity of that nightmare made flesh and blood once more. How had your King ever managed to subdue her with only hammer and will? She stands astride the battlefield as a colossus, but Dazak’s voice is as calm as ever.

“Do what you can here.” He says, “Their boarders will be on us soon. I must return to the helm.”

Immediately he is gone.

Now that the dirigibles – except the crippled Stormsurge – have left, the door begins to slide into place, but there, before they close, you catch sight of Him.

It is only a brief thing. A single, human figure. He descends from a rent in the sky like some vengeful comet, a black hammer in his left hand, a blazing one in his right, and you know that He will save you.

Except. There is a moment of hesitation. His brow furrows, and even at this distance you sense momentary confusion as something enormous looms in the sky behind both of them, the all-too-familiar sound of the Grey Keep’s guns firing, firing, firing, cuts across the cacophony of the battle.

In that Unforeseen moment, she strikes, faster than anything that large should be able to move.

And the doors close.

And the battle is joined in the Hangar Bay as Zalphinia’s forces begin to teleport into their enemy’s stronghold. But where the Keep would descend into a madness of Guildsfolk desperately coordinating to repel the attackers in small groups, all at once you find yourselves between two massed ranks of disciplined soldiers as Zalphinia’s best are greeted by the raw power of an Oblivion Mage, whilst the red-clad Guards slam maces alight with baleful energies into their runic shields.

Except for the one Guard who had tried to attract Phillip’s attention earlier, who seems to have dropped his mace as though it bit him and is now calling upon magic that has the guards around him preparing to subdue him as well as the daemons!

New Rules – Understanding

As you are learning to understand the strange fluctuations of Fate you as a group may spend 3 points of Understanding:

o Increase someone’s permanent fate by 1 point – 3 Understanding

o Add one action per day to any environmental effect that limits actions – 1 Understanding

o Increase your daily Fate Pool by 1 regardless of any other modifiers – 2 Understanding

Any unspent Understanding will carry over to the next day but you do not gain Understanding every day. I will tell you when you have more!


Action Type Fate Points
Repel Boarders Threat 10-20
Assist the Daemons?! Threat 15-25
Defend the Strange Guard Threat 4
Escape to the Massport Chamber in the Confusion Movement 2+1 per person
Assist The Saviour Threat A Really Good Plan – Description if you take this action please.
Attempt to get the Stormsurge into the Fight Interact ??? – Probably A Lot
Attempt to follow Dazak’s teleport Movement 10-20+1 per person and probably some luck.

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