RoC Online Group Phantom – Week 3 – Out of Time

Silvana and Phillip Create a Psionic Circle

8 Fate Expenditure

Together, Silvana and Phillip linked their minds and thoughts as one. Each had worked with the other on so many occasions that this was an easy thing to achieve; the cool, calm and collected Silvana joined with the guiding, nurturing presence of Phillip, and together they carefully set themselves against the force dominating the Astral.

It is an overwhelming presence, and it controls that entire space. But its very size became its weakness. Subtly, the pair spread their link between each other, attuning themselves to the background of the whole and hiding their presence as comparatively tiny minds against the ubiquitous backdrop of the Astral. Camouflaging their presences was not easy, but once it was in place, they were confident that they were – bluntly – too insignificant to be easily noticed by the One.

Once that was achieved, it was several more minutes of slowly linking their circle with that of their fellows to put in place their private communication.

Thaddius Asks for a Map

5 Fate Expenditure

Placing his hand firmly onto the Status Report crystal, Thaddius centred his mind and reached out for a map.

It was a strange sensation in return. He saw the room they were in first, and from there, it began to spread out, a building 3D image of the space around them. The Keep was enormous, he could feel that immediately, and it spread in all directions.

As the picture built, tiny points of light blinked into existence in the rooms, each one identified by a string of 9 digits, which brought with them a designation in his mind.

Containment Area 13 – 198 / 439 / 820

Arming Station 91 – 399 / 992 / 100

Velocity Sacrifice Altars Delta Four – 991 / 001 / 339

Trajectory Sacrifice Altars Delta One – 992 / 002 / 338

Power Source Alpha – 162 / 221 / 914

That last one – he was almost certain it was the ‘Heart of the Keep’ that Kincaid had been looking for. It felt as though it were almost centrally positioned within the Keep as a whole.

But there was still so much more to go beyond it. The size of this place was… incredible.


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Ingenium Sabotages the Beacon

5 Fate Spent – 4 Fate Discount

“Oh, did you not fix it right away?” The Archivist asked as Ingenium set to work on the beacon again. “No, sorry.” He replied, “There’s some flange in the actuator, if you used it now you’d get all flange-y, don’t want that.”

“Ah, yes.” The older man replied, nodding his head sagely, “My wife had that once, we had to get her a tonic, it was quite the business.”

Ingenium couldn’t keep the smile from his lips, so he turned away and got back to work. He’d only just fixed the piece, so it was a simple matter to rig things just so. Now, after the next time it was used, the filament he had put in place would burn out moments later – taking with it the record of where they had gone.

Out of Time

Just beyond the door, they heard footsteps, and with them, a pair of voices. The first was unmistakably Dazak.

“-trying to infiltrate the Cells, My Lady. They would have no way to access the Archives unless they had been granted proper authority.”

The voice of the woman is muffled by the stone and the door between them, but even with that, there is no denying the force in that tone. She is a woman who is not accustomed to being disobeyed, and the short, clipped frustration in her voice betrays the fact that she is no longer entirely trusting of the man she is speaking with.

“Then go to the Cells and search for them. It is too great a coincidence that I cannot port here just after we become aware of their presence.”


Environmental Effect: Sudden Pressure – With the Lady of the Keep just outside the door, you have only moments to act before you are discovered. You may only take 2 actions unless Understanding is spent to increase this amount (1:1 basis).

Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Speak with the Archivist Interact 4
Overcome the Archivist Physically Threat 2-5
Modify the Archivist’s Memories Threat 3-6
Leave the Archives via Massport Move 4+1 per person for a known location. ??? for somewhere else.
Leave the Archives via The Door Move 2+1 per person.
Talk to Ricky Interact 4
Ask a Question of the Archives Interact 5
Send a Psionic Communication to Dazak Interact 3