RoC Online – Group Phantom – Where Worlds Collide

The Group Scouts the Immediate Area

10 points for mundane, 10 points for magic, 4 fate discount on both areas – 12 fate spend.

Having recovered from the trials and tribulations of their journey, the group take a moment to collect themselves. First things first, it seems worthwhile to try and scout the immediate area and check the functioning of their magic; they have no idea where they are, after all. Blundering on ahead could prove to be a fatal error.

It doesn’t take long for Silvana’s keen senses to determine that this is the Frozen North. She has been here before, and she knows the land, even if she has never been to this particular part of the Frozen North before.

This particular place is not one which people pass through often. There are a few hesitant tracks of sparse wildlife, but there’s no sign of regular human movement, and this far out from the village it seems that the villagers have no particular need to travel to this barren plateau of rocky ground before the mountain proper.

There are, however, some incongruous marks in the rocky ground; grooves which have been carved into the stone as though by incredibly sharp talons. From the dust that remains around them it does not seem likely that this happened too long ago; six pairs of clawed feet against the rocky terrain, and if Silvana does not miss her guess, it looks as though they were surveying the village from this vantage point much as the gathered trio were now. Then they headed towards the forest…

Turning their attention to the magics of this place, between Phillip and Thaddius they are able to determine that this space exists in a state of literal flux. It is a strange thing to look at with sights, and somewhat disconcerting at first, as one moment they are in their familiar home, and the next they are again experiencing the horror and strangeness of the Red Reality.

However, they have been using their power in both worlds for quite some time now. The circle that Phillip has established remains strong between them, and he is able to share some limited level of his understanding of the skill and artistry needed to remain connected to the ‘true’ origin of their respective powers.

It is a relief to do so; calling upon their old and familiar works is like taking the first breath of fresh air they have enjoyed in weeks. Thaddius feels invigorated by the closeness with Tiberius once more, and the reassurance that his Lord is still fighting the good fight. He can hear a distant clash of steel on steel as Tiberius wages war for control and protection of the true Heavens. Phillip feels his connection with the Gilleabad restored, and Silvana’s mind feels free to roam into the astral once more.


Scouting the Village

5 Fate Cost

Silvana projects her mind forwards, and races at supernatural speed towards the village. Hours of travel blink by in a moment, and what she finds is not, perhaps, what she was expecting.

It seems incongruous, really, given the chaos in the magical realm – but this is a standard and ordinary village. A few dozen hardy frontier folk are going about their business in the open, children are laughing and playing, men are cutting trees at the lumber camp and there does not seem to be any immediate danger.

How long has it been since she has seen a sight of any normality at all? It feels strange, and her natural paranoia keeps her instincts on edge, but there is nothing of immediate concern which leaps out as being particularly dangerous.

She does see a man in slightly finer clothing than the rest, engaged in conversation with a group of hardy-looking woodcutters. They are each holding their brastika, and it is difficult for her to catch the full conversation because of the astral’s shifting and changing nature, though she does at least feel that the attention of that One Mind is far, far away from this place at this moment in time.

“… should be here… do not cause … ready to defend … keep indoors…”

Content that his ritual will allow him to safely commune with the spirits, Phillip is able to get a bird’s eye view on the village, which seems much the same as Silvana had seen it – there is a calm, almost pastoral scene unfolding below.

But there is also a sense of something lingering at the border of his awareness. It is likely that if he were any less skilled as a ritualist, he would have missed it; but there has been an immense ritual power cast not far from here – up in the mountain he would imagine. He can’t immediately tell what the result has been, but he feels certain that the absolute lack of any actual wildlife anywhere for miles around them – not a single fish in the river, not a single bird in the sky, nor so much as a mouse in the still and silent forest – must surely be related to that…


Phillip, through his connection with Tharinos, had briefly been drawn away from the others. A momentary flicker in and out of existence was the only evidence that anything had occurred at all – that, and the trio of figures who returned with him.

There was an older man and two younger villagers; the old man perhaps only five feet tall, silver-haired and dressed in ragged, but once-finer, simple clothing. The other two wore the plain homespun common to rugged Frozen North peasantfolk.

What followed was a very quick explanation of what had occurred.

  • Tess and Jack Spears had needed to renew their wedding vows in order to repair an ‘oath wound’ that Tess had suffered.
  • One of the Dralkosh’s creatures had pulled its way through Phillip’s connection with Tharinos to attempt to devour or corrupt the oath.
  • A combined effort had managed to drive the creature back and hold it in place long enough for Phillip to cast out the Dralkosh’s corruption and restore these three individuals.
  • The power of the oath that had been forged – perhaps the power of all Oaths – had filled Dirk and he had passed it on to the Source Comet in a time before it had landed. This seems to be the event which had allowed the Source Comet to be attuned to our world so long ago, closing the loop.
  • And then Phillip had returned here.

The effort of casting out the corruption of the Dralkosh had been extreme, and the old man and his two fellows had been – and continue to be – in a great deal of shock. It seems likely, though, that these three had formed the monster which had left the trails noted above.


Action Type Fate Point Cost
Commune with the Power of Sewrag Interact 5
Commune with any remnants of Haswi Gek Interact Unknown
Scout the Village Interact 5
Scout the Forest Interact 5
Scout the Heat Haze Interact 5
Scout the Mountain Interact 5
Travel to the Village Directly Movement 4+2 per person
Travel to the Village through the Forest Movement 2+1 per person
Explore the Forest Movement 2+1 per person
Travel up the Mountain Movement 6+2 per person
Travel to the Heat Haze Movement 4+2 per person
Question the Newcomers Interact 4 per question.