RoC Online – Group Wraith – A Final Rest

RoC Online – Group Wraith – A Final Rest

Investigate Kortanagry’s Head & Hand It Over

There is a tense moment as the stranger glowers at the hesitation before handing over the archangel’s head. He does not attempt to stop you from confirming the fact that there is still a remnant of divine power there, however, and indeed, that spark does still exist within Kortnangry’s decapitated cranium.

When it is handed over, the figure slides the remnant beneath his cloak of night blue fabric, and a moment later returns both his hands to his sides, the head having disappeared within the figure’s embrace.

Ask About the Exercise & Offer to Assist

The Commander looks around the room, indicating the various maps and dossiers which make up his campaign.

“As you can see.” He says, “I am hunting down the remnants of the Church of Notelexus, a duty demanded by The Saviour so that His triumph over Death can be complete. Lord Tiberius entrusted this duty to me personally, as his brother in arms, and tasked me to look over all our brothers and sisters at that time. Which I have done. Unfailingly.”

His method of speech is incredibly deliberate, each word spoken carefully and with intense certainty.

“You already have a mission before you. One which is of prime importance. If you wish to see it through, you have a long journey ahead of you. You will need to travel from this place to the Iron Oath. There, you will find your way back home.”

He pauses for a moment, meaningfully, to let the importance of that sink in.

“There are, however, things that you could achieve for me along your way, if you believe that you have time enough to undertake additional tasks. There are particular individuals within the Atonement Office who I believe are conducting their own investigation into Notelexus’ remnants, which jeopardises my mission. There are also certain other … powers, which may be worthwhile to take with you, if you are able to convince them to do so.”

Again, he gives you some time to consider what he has just said.

“However.” He continues, “Briefing you on the details of these things will take time. And time is one of the commodities of which we are most swiftly running out, so make your choice well.”


Action Type Cost
Ask a question of the stranger Interact 4 per question
Be briefed on the route to the Iron Oath Interact 5
Be briefed on certain other powers Interact 6
Be briefed on the Atonement Office Interact 3
Inspect the power of a God Threat 5-10
Attempt to pierce the stranger’s protections Interact 20-50
Leave the room Movement 2+1 per person beyond the first
Attack the Stranger Threat ???