RoC Online – Group Wraith – An Ending

The group step forward and make their case. It is heartfelt and it is true. As they speak, Tiberius listens. He does not cut them off, and they can see the pain that their words cause him. The recitation of his guiding principles and the clear respect that they have for the man he was causes the mighty warrior to pause in his stride – albeit only briefly.

“You are brave to stand against me and speak of the old ways.” Tiberius’ voice is calm and measured once more, “But I know you not. And there is only one principle which holds true in the Heavens and the Earth now. All serve The Saviour, and all who oppose Him must die.”

The battle is not brutal, as these things go. Tiberius does not waste his effort. He does not draw things out any longer than they must be drawn. He strikes, and where he strikes, around him, the enemies of The Saviour are felled.

Seshmet is swiftly identified as the most dangerous foe, and Tiberius focuses upon him at first. Wayne, not one to worry overmuch about honour in these matters, is the first to die when he sees the opportunity to strike the Lord of Battle from behind, and is instead bisected by a blindingly fast blow.

Serbasel invokes what laws and rights he can to try and slow or bind the God, but His duty will not be stayed by the ghost of power from a distant world. Xorphia’s flames burn incandescent around the duelling forms of the God and the Angel, and none can look upon the terrible light as she pours all the power she can muster into the assault, blinding and terrible.

Even the flames of distant Jorven Kel Karenik Veek cannot stand before Tiberius’ wrath, however. They are dispersed with a sweep of his blade, and the glowing arc of his strike was the last thing that Xorphia saw. That, and the bleeding figure of Seshmet, who would not yield even in the face of such unsurpassed strength.

Desperation, more than strategy, drove Ylsa as she attempted to wrest the God’s arm and buy Seshmet the opening he needed to strike. Tiberius seemed more confused than anything, and that momentary hesitation did buy Seshmet the instant he needed to crash his mighty hammer into Tiberius’ jaw. The God’s head whipped to the side for but a moment, before he let out a respectful grunt, and drove Ylsa to the ground in a single crushing moment.

Together, with no alternatives left, Serbasel and Seshmet took the God together. Serbasel’s shield splintered, and his armour shattered under the impact of Tiberius’ divine power, and as Seshmet cried out in righteous fury at the deaths of his friends, Tiberius slid his blade home through the mighty Angel’s heart.

He leaned in close as Seshmet felt the cold hand of death close around his soul for the first time in so many years. The words were barely a whisper

“Protect my Brother, friend, and see him safe. I shall not forget your sacrifice here.”

The Hidden Death

And when they opened their eyes once more, it was back in the world of the living.

They are in an office, one which is clearly located in a castle or fort of some kind; the military architecture is unmistakable, as are the maps which cover the walls and the desk, each marked with different pins. Shelves of books, all devoted to military tactics, are the only furniture beyond a few uncomfortable chairs.

Behind the desk there stands a man. He is tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and he wears heavy steel plate and chain alongside a tabard which proudly bears the symbol of Tiberius. At his back is a shield, and at his hip a sword sheathed into black leather.

His gaze is unblinking as he regards each of you – and you each feel that his attention is heavy upon you. It lingers longest upon the head of Kortanagry, and slowly, he nods.

“The time is upon us, then.” He says, a voice of utter finality, and he reaches out his hand. “Give me his head. I shall take him to his final rest.”


And so we enter the next season of this exciting story. Note that you currently have 12 Understanding which I strongly recommend that you spend. You currently also have 3 Oaths which will grant 20 fate to overcome obstacles, the power of Terref – which does not feel significantly diminished by the work you have undertaken – and the power of Naed which is waning.

Action Type Cost
Ask a question of the stranger Interact 4 per question
Inspect the power of a God Threat 5-10
Inspect the room in greater detail Interact 5
Inspect the stranger in greater detail Interact 5
Hand over Kortanagry’s Head Interact 0
Leave the room Movement 2+1 per person beyond the first
Attack the Stranger Threat ???