RoC Online – Group Wraith – An Oath Sworn in Iron

RoC Online – Group Wraith – An Oath Sworn in Iron

It is an easy enough thing for Serbasel to find a hammer and an anvil. At first, the gathered Oathspeople are too distracted by their own worries and duties to pay it much mind; perhaps they thought that he only intended to fix some imperfection in his own equipment. Then Seshmet began to speak, and the hubbub died away.

“I, Seshepenmehit of Ourus, Divine Warrior of Ourus, the Lord of Oaths, Courage and War; Bearer of the power of Senmet, the Angel of Righteous Vengeance do swear this solemn and binding Oath.”

Serbasel was not a skilled Oathsmith, not yet. The art had only just been revealed to him. But it was an easy thing to make something fine out of material of such high quality. There was passion in Seshmet’s words, but more than that, there was solemnity and an understanding of the weight of duty each soul was taking into themselves by the swearing of it. Each in turn committed themselves to the task laid before them, and Serbasel’s hammer found the rhythm and cadence of the speech.

“My noble and honoured companions, friends and allies.”


“Serbasel of Ekimelahw.”


“Xorphia Blackstaff.”


“Saxon of the Oath.”


“Add their power to this binding and thus it is the stronger in vow, word and testament In this place, the stronghold of the Oathsmen and Women where their power is reborn in a network spanning like a web.”

They could all feel it, the power of the Mountain mingling with the holy power of Ourus which had begun to glow like the dawning sun from the mark seared into the Oath building’s wall. By now, all gathered were still and silent – tasks suspended, momentarily, as they bore witness to this most sacred vow.

“I feel our power build flowing between all who are engaged upon this path whether conscious of our efforts or not, for we are all joined in this moment of giving as we pledge ourselves, mind, body and soul to this Holy task.”

The power of the Oathsmith was one of the few which had remained untouched by whatever strange calamity was assailing their home. The power of the Mountain and the strength at its core remained undimmed, and Serbasel brought it forward into this place, the heat of Ourus’ righteous anger smelting the words into power.


“At this time when all fate and reality is in tumult, and the powers of darkness and shadow obscure the very light of freedom we find ourselves in the presence of the God of Freedom in whose name we also swear ourselves to this task.”

The scarred, bald man gave a loose salute and a dip of his head, a faint smile on his lips at the serious words spoken so powerfully in his name.

“We ask Naed himself to bear our witness for it is the liberation of these people and the Gods themselves that we hereby bind our fates to in the first part.  From the prisons of the dread Archibald who hath shackled the Gods in the heart of his Pyramid and the minds of the populace which he has ensnared within his grand design.”

“You’ll have my thanks if you can manage it, friend.” Naed replied.


The sunburst symbol was now as bright as noon, lighting the interior of the room in its brilliance.

“In the second we ask Ourus to bear witness through me, His champion, this mark he has laid here when he sent me and by the very power of the Hammer of Vengeance upon which I now pray.”

Seshmet’s hammer reverberated with power as he SLAMMED it into the floor, his hammer joining Serbasel’s and reverberating through the space.

“For the Tyranny of evil which has wrought this must not go unpunished and we are His instrument of Righteous Vengeance.  The wrong that has been done to those we seek to unbind with our binding Oath shall be avenged and the evil Archibald has done shall be taken, purified and returned in the Holy Fires of Retribution that we shall bring to his door!”

The brilliance of the light was blinding, now, but as swiftly as it had risen, it began to dim. It died down to a hot red glow; the colour of heated iron.

“This we swear at this time, in this place and with these witnesses as one.

So shall it be.”

The Group Speak to Naed

It seems strange to talk normally once the oath has been sworn. The aftermath of such a powerful moment leaves all in the room feeling humbled. Except, perhaps, Naed himself, who smiles easily and takes the first mace from you.

“I’m not sure if I’m the right person to talk to for instruction.” He admits, turning it over in his hands. “I mean, if I was going to free them from their imprisonment, it’d be a bit like this.”

He moves his hands over the instrument of torture, and you can feel it as the spirit within slips its bonds and slides peacefully back to where it is supposed to be.

He picks up the second after that, “Did you get a good look? It was like this.”

A repetition of the process, and none of you can see exactly what he is doing, but you have no doubt that you are left with just a simple mace afterwards.

“One more time then? Like this?”

And after that it is on to the matter of the dagger, which has him shrugging. “Damned if I know.” He admits, cheerfully, “They’re good for punching through armour, I’ll tell you that, but I don’t know where they come from or what powers them. Probably something horrible, I’d guess.”

And finally, on the subject of the other groups.

“I could tell something was going on with you just now. I figured it was something to do with Bethylak. Honestly, I assume that he’s responsible for everything I don’t understand. It’s a safe bet.”

Seshmet Looks at the Wall.

After the dramatic display whilst swearing the Oath, it doesn’t take much effort for Seshmet to figure out that the mark is a means by which Ourus can extend his influence into this place. Ordinarily, he would be very limited this far from the desert – but here, now, his great eye will be watching over the Oathspeople and he will know if any seek to disrupt the path that his champion is walking.

The Group Gather Supplies.

It is a simple matter for the assembled party to take the goods offered by the Oath.

Final Outcomes

The group gain the following benefits:

Every individual present gains the Oathsworn trait. This will grant 20 fate points which may be spent to overcome any threat related to Archibald or his minions by calling upon the power of Ourus’ righteous vengeance.

The group as a whole gain 3 Supply Points. These may be spent on a 1:1 basis for the following:

  • Heal 1 point of Fate Damage.
  • Reduce an environmental penalty due to weather, fatigue or similar by 1.
  • Gain 3 temporary Fate to overcome an environmental obstacle.

Now that all of the preparation has been made, the gathered party can feel the collective weight of the oath they have sworn pulling on them – down towards the basement. Naed slides his arms about the shoulders of Serbasel and Seshmet, a display of camaraderie as he reassured them.

“Well. I wish you all the best. Wish I could come with you, but it’d be bad news if I were stuck too, so, you’re going to have to do this on your own. I don’t know exactly what Big Bad A has got keeping them all locked up, but I’m sure a brave and plucky group like you will know just what to do. Beat up the monsters, break the chains, back in time for tea, eh?”

He chuckled as he slipped from their shoulders, and stood in front of Saxon. “I reckon I owe you an apology too, Sax. Wasn’t sure if you had turned traitor, you see. You are, of course, always my brother. Take this, I have a feeling it’ll help.”

Into his hand, he pressed the leaf brooch that he had been wearing, and finally, he turned to Xorphia.

“And you. I, probably shouldn’t do this, but if I know Archibald, you’ll need it.” From inside his pocket he produced a small, tarnished bronze key. It didn’t look like much, but he pressed it firmly into her hands and closed his own around them for a moment. “You’ll need this. Keep it safe, and when the time is right, set them free.”

He smiled, as he had done since the moment he revealed his true name, but there was a sadness to it.

“You should marshal your strength, my friends. You’ll need all of it you can muster. But I have every faith in you. Liberate my brothers and sister!”


Reminder: Unspent fate points will carry over to the next day.

You currently have 15 Fate Points to spend.

Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Proceed through the Golden Portal Movement 2+1 per person.
Ask More Questions Interact 4
Resist the Oath Sworn Obstacle 3-5 per person.