RoC Online – Group Wraith – Beauty and Light

RoC Online – Group Wraith – Beauty and Light

The Group Investigates Mundanely

4 Fate Point Cost, 2 Fate Reduction.

As a group, the team disperse throughout the hall to see what may be seen, hear what may be heard, smell what may be smelt, taste what may be tasted and – until Xorphia slapped Seshmet’s hand – touch what may be touched.

It does not take long to ascertain the nature of the hall and the people within it. This is a place of revelry and of plenty, where friends and family have all that they might wish. This particular hall is one of feasting; the souls here enjoy the finest food and drink that they might wish, sharing it in the company of those who are near and dear to them. There is good conversation, much praising of The Saviour and Terref, and a general feeling that these are people who have reached their final reward and are now enjoying it wholeheartedly. It also becomes apparent that in order to obtain food or drink one need only speak one’s desire aloud.  

There are also four exits from the room.

To the North there comes the sound of steel on steel, ringing in careful and precise lockstep with each other.

To the East there are a pair of doors through which a pair of young men enter carrying a stag; lush and verdant forests briefly glimpsed beyond the doorway.

The Southern entrance seems to have the most traffic, with the majority of people entering and leaving the hall via that passage.

To the West there is the distant sound of running water.

It is also worth noting that there are people from all corners of Daer Akmir here. These are not only Basanic folk, but people from all nations, distinguished primarily by their styles of dress as all share the same language.

The Group Talk to Marparaha Asking 3 Questions

Fate Point Cost 12, 4 Fate assigned, 1 question answered.

“Where is Terref?”

The Angel smiles beneficently to you all as you ask after Her Lady. “The Hostess is currently in the baths. If you are looking to pay your respects, there is truly no need. She is honoured to offer The Saviour’s hospitality to His people.”

Examine The Halls Magically

7 Fate assigned, 10 Fate challenge, 3 Fate discount

Working together, it is the magic of Source and Focus which prove to be most prevalent in this place.

Prior to the Heavens being placed under the mountain, it was commonly assumed that they existed ‘up’ somehow. This was not, as any Priest could tell you, technically accurate. The Heavens existed apart from the physical and were simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

What has happened here is very different to the natural restoration which occurred when the Heavens were returned where they ought to have been.

Someone has physically wrenched the Heavens into existence and then placed it within the heart of the Nexus. If you were any less skilled in your various magical arts or less experienced as individuals you would not understand exactly what it was you were looking at, but it becomes clear that there are no longer any individual Heavens for individual Gods; there is a vast amount of space into which the afterlife has been placed, literally, physically, surrounded on all sides by the Nexus, feeding into it and in turn being fed and sustained by it.

And, of course, the entirety of this place and all within it are inextricably linked with an unfamiliar God; one whose prayer you find rising unbidden onto your lips:

“Praise The Saviour, for He Keeps us Safe. He is The One who can hold us against the darkness.”


Action Type Fate Point Cost
Find Terref Interact 50
Talk to Marparaha Interact 4
Eat Drink and Be Merry Interact 3 per person
Listen to the Music Interact 4 per person
Go Gambling Interact 4 per person
Examine the Revellers Interact 3-10
Examine the Hall With Magic Interact 3-10
Leave the Hall (North) Move 2+1 per person
Leave the Hall (East) Move 2+1 per person
Leave the Halls (South) Move 2+1 per person
Leave the Halls (West) Move 2+1 per person