RoC Online – Group Wraith – Day 4 – The Fight

RoC Online – Group Wraith – Day 4 – The Fight

Xorphia Checks Her Magical Privileges

It is a strange thing. Turning inwards, Xorphia can feel two connections to the Nexus and her House; one is strong and certain, the one that she knows very well.

The other is faint, and it is … disturbing. The power in those places has been changed somehow; the entirety of that Nexus and that World has been modified, changed, tainted towards the possession of one being. One man. If she were to call upon that power, she would be subordinating herself entirely to His will. So, naturally, she… does not.

Her connection to the Gillieabad remains as strong as ever, at least. That power is not acting strangely, yet.

They Attack

6 points towards the guards, 8 points towards Coldwell. Guards require 12, Coldwell requires 15, 1 Fate refund.

The plan goes into action very well, at first. Confident in her power and certain of where she is drawing it from, Xorphia locks down the two guards, binding them to the floor and setting them ablaze. Their magical shields dampen the effect somewhat, and they are – impressively – able to struggle against the bindings on them, but they are slowed enough that it is easy work for Ling and Gwen to strike the first from behind. One almost manages to reach Xorphia, the baleful energies of his mace come within inches of her face before Saxon is able to parry the blow and hammer the man into the ground with a powerful backswing.

Coldwell is more resilient than her guards, it seems. She catches sight of Serbasel’s movement, and she turns as he brings Sovereign down upon her. The blow is crushing, but it is not enough to instantly incapacitate her.

“Traitor!” She hisses, and as she rises, Serbasel can feel the magic taking hold of him – a painful brand which seeks to eliminate and replace the symbol of the High Judge that he wears upon his brow. The second and third blows he delivers to her are enough to convince him that this woman is not going to be subdued. The fourth is finally enough to crush her skull and leave her broken on the ground.

“Well.” Alain says, “You definitely ain’t with the AO. Get me out of these shackles and I’ll take you where you need to be.”


Action Type Fate Points
Recover the Writ Interact 0 – Tell the System
Examine the Writ Magically Interact 4
Examine the Brand Interact 4
Dispel the Brand Threat 5-20
Free Alain Interact 4
Follow Alain Interact 4+1 per person
Search the Bodies Interact 4+1 per body
Speak With a Corpse Interact Between 4-8 each

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