RoC Online – Group Wraith – Distant Travellers

RoC Online – Group Wraith – Distant Travellers

The Group Speaks with Terref

“Yes, distant is one word for it, and I don’t think any of us have stopped traveling for long, yes, we are seeking you, among others, we have much to discuss, we are less seeking your approval and more your help, and to help you, if possible. Of how much of our situation are you aware? Also if you would give your consent we would like to magically and mundanely examine you.”

Terref seems a little taken aback by the request. Her smile does not fade for even a second, though, and instead she laughs – a light, trilling noise.

“Examine me, hm? Well. I don’t think I’ve ever been propositioned in quite such a fashion before.”

There is some mirth in her eyes at that, but as she regards each of the visitors in turn, she gives a loose wave of her hand. “How much I am aware of is a rather expansive question. Not a good one to ask a God, as a rule. But let me see if I can humour you.”

Now that she has been encouraged to inspect each of you more closely, it seems that the woman’s gaze peels away the layers of casual dissembling and subtly that you had each adopted in order to try and hide – or at least not draw attention to the fact – that you are not from this world. There is a second laugh, this one a little more considered, and an easy shrug of the shoulders.

“I can tell that your stories have seen you pass through much hardship and that your tale is a very twisted one. Tied almost into knots, I would say. I have a feeling that your stories come from a place with a … happier, ending, for my brothers and sisters.” Her gesture sweeps to take in Serbasel and Seshmet both, “These are protected souls. Yours, I feel is encircled by a mockingbird’s wings, and this latest visitor to my baths has a more wending story than she knows.”

She pauses for a moment, still smiling, and then lifts a glass of wine to her lips. “I’ve never been one for Fate; that’s The Saviour’s job.” She says, “And He doesn’t approve of tale and story, not really. Too much room for uncomfortable truths to be hidden in the weave. You know he’s the first King not to have his own Herald? Not even so much as a court jester. But who am I to question the wisdom of He Who Keeps Us All?”

The smile on her lips is definitely fixed in place. A gentle sigh upon her breath as she shrugs her shoulders. “I don’t know fate, but I do know a story when I see one. She is the one who really tipped your hand, by the way.”

She lifts her glass to Xorphia.

“An Orphan on a dangerous quest into unknown lands, sworn to a cause she feels ill-equipped to handle, quick to anger and burning with the need to recover her lost parents? A little on the nose if you ask me. Oh. And you’re carrying the last of Naed’s power in your pocket. So, I suppose you are my brother’s final, desperate gambit? The last roll of the dice? Have I truly become such a lost cause?”

She sighs softly, through her perpetual smile, “You may do as you like. I wouldn’t recommend looking at me magically, though. You don’t know what might be looking back. Everything here belongs to Him, and I am no exception. I’m afraid that if you are seeking some daring escapade, that’s never been my style. Perhaps, instead, we might play cards?”

Examining the Baths Magically and Mundanely

It is a good thing that Wayne is not a man who is prudish. It does not take long to scout out the baths and ascertain that this is a space which does not have specific physical dimensions. It is an infinite bathhouse, full of attendants and souls which stretch on as far as is required to ensure that all those who enter can partake of the rest and relaxation offered – as well as certain other activities which are not, traditionally, seen as overly restful.

It seems fairly clear to him that this entire space is an unnatural one. When the others inspect it with their focus-based sights, they see much as had been expected. This is the Heavens. And as they have found in every other part of the Heavens they have been to, everything here is tinged with the power of that all-too-familiar God.

They do feel, however, that there is something stirring in the Heavens. The attention of The Saviour has been elsewhere, until now. Now, it feels as though whatever reprieve they have had from His attention is starting to come to an end…


Action Type Fate Point Cost
Question the Hostess Interact 4 per question
Convince The Hostess to Leave Interact 30-50 (good roleplay may lower this amount)
Play Cards with The Hostess Interact 10
Return to the Feasting Halls Move 2+1 per person past the first
Examine the Baths Magically Interact 4 per realm