RoC Online – Group Wraith – End of Week 1

RoC Online – Group Wraith – Escape

It is agreed. Alain is freed from his bonds, and they take everything they need from the bodies of the dead. As they do, Alain reclaims his gear from where it had been stored. A long knife in one hand and an axe in the other. Simple weapons; tools, really.

When they had arrived in this village, it was a sleepy place – quiet, but not abandoned. Now, darkness is starting to fall upon the place. The sun is just starting to dip below the horizon, and Alain frowns faintly as he steps into the gloom. Every door and window is locked and bolted, not a soul braving the streets. Even the tavern is quiet and still.

The injuries he had sustained prior to his capture by Gwen have been treated and bandaged; they are slowing him down less, now. Once he is back out in the open, he pauses, and looks in both directions.

“Great.” He grunted, “Should have figured it’d come to this.”


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Saxon is the first to see what he’s talking about, as the first of the creatures bursts from a rooftop, all fangs and fur and the promise of death. He is quick, though, and his blade strikes true before it is upon him.

His sword punched deep into the flank of the creature and ripped through fur, muscle and fat. The beast roared in pain, and then Ling was upon it, his blade cracking the bony armour plates which protected its head and neck as he battered into it again and again.

It was over in a matter of moments, the creature bleeding out amongst the shocked group, before Alain began to move. “There’ll be more of them.” He said, “Follow me. I’ll get us out of here as quick as I can.”

The hunting cries of the great beasts rose all through the village.

And they began to run.

(Congratulations on reaching the end of the first week of Group Wraith’s adventures. We will open next week with your arrival at The Oath hideout. There will shortly be an interlude in which you can talk to the other groups. If you wish to go elsewhere once this has been done please inform your refs)

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