RoC Online – Group Wraith – His Is the Law

Serbasel Checks His Magical Privileges

It takes a few moments for Serbasel to concentrate and find his connection to the Gods. There is a great sense of chaos and turmoil in both Heavens. One sits Under the Mountain, as it should, and there his connection with Ekimelahw is as strong as ever. But there is a second Heaven, located somewhere far distant.

Serbasel’s connection to it is weak. It is likely that a less experienced Priest would not even feel it there at all. But it is present, at the heart of the Royal Basin, and it is dominated by one being. He can feel no more than that, the fact that it exists, and the fact that its existence is causing some turmoil.

The connection to the Iron Oath remains, though his training in those secrets is new and he is not an experienced Oathsmith. The power of the Iron Oath has been untouched by the turmoil that has swept the rest of the land… at least so far.

(Apologies if I was unclear – this action must be repeated for each individual to check their connections)

Saxon, Xorphia, Gwen and Ling Prevent the Guards Taking Alain

4 Fate Points Expended

The two men had begun to move with purpose the moment they were instructed to do so by Coldwell. When Saxon drew his blade to stop them, there was no hesitation – they simply drew the maces and readied their shields.

Baleful energies burst into life around the maces, and they moved forwards with intent. Only for Xorphia to appear next to Saxon, fire blazing in her hands. The runes upon the Guard’s shields flared into life, steel burning with incandescent light to defend themselves.

And it was at that point Ling drew his blade from behind them. The pair glimpsed backwards, and saw that both Gwen and the Dragon Empire warrior had them surrounded. Whilst they may well be able to overcome this force, they would not do so easily…

“Officer.” One of the men said, “Your orders?”

Serbasel Demands Answers

Officer Coldwell’s jaw clenched tight as the group moved to obstruct her people and deny her orders. “Hold.” She said, though icy anger shone through in every syllable she spoke.

“The writ is quite clear. I am not to be obstructed in any way. This man.” She snapped her fingers, and the paperwork appeared back in her hand. “Is Oath scum. He has attempted to undermine the King and he must Atone for his failings. You seem to have forgotten the King’s Law, so allow me to remind you. It is very simple. What He proclaims must be done. The Atonement Office assigns the proper penalty to balance any failings in those who frustrate His will. That is the whole of the law. This talk of permits and procedure… you speak as though it is prior to the War.”

She begins to move towards the cell herself, then. Apparently unintimidated by the arrayed Guildsfolk and the High Judge at her back.

“I am taking my prisoner.” She says, “Do not try and stop me.”


Environmental Effect: Superior Positioning – you will double any fate points put towards overcoming threats today.

Action Type Fate Points
Hand Over Alain Interact 0
Attack Coldwell Threat 10-15
Attack the Guards Threat 10-15
Ask More Questions Interact 4 per person per question – please be specific
Investigate Magical Connection Interact 4 per person – each person may investigate all magical connections they have.
Torture Alain Interact 4

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