RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Briefing

RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Briefing

“Information is one of our most useful tools, we will need to know all we can, we will not waste time when we have been properly briefed.”

The Commander is a man of few words, and he does not waste time with superfluous embellishments. This man, Wayne’s keen eyes observed, had an immediate grip on the situation, giving him the impression that he could sense duplicity at 100 paces. Fortunately, as far as Wayne was able to ascertain, Serbasel and Seshmet gave off an unwavering, if slightly pungent, aura of being upstanding citizens which had seemed to place the Commander somewhat at his ease. Wayne doubted, however, that the Commander would not hesitate to silence any enquiries, in the manner of a teacher dressing down a particularly unruly pupil. As if to prove this point as fact, Seshmet opened his mouth to speak, moving half a pace forward to place himself at the front of the group, but was cut off with a steely glare from the Commander. Seshmet met the man’s gaze with one of his own, desert fire brimming within, and Wayne resisted the urge to grab the back of Seshmet’s armour and yank him back into line. It would not do to irritate the man out of dealing his information.

“The Iron Oath is in the Jahata,” The Commander began, his voice measured and authoritative. “This is a hidden and sacred place high in the Razorbacks. There are three ways you may reach it.” He paused, and looked at the five in front of him, appearing to weigh their abilities as he crafted his words.

“The first, you will climb the mountains to their highest point. This way, you will need to contend with the environment, but there are few who brave that route.” Xorphia shivered at the thought of climbing mountains, knowing full well the drain on her power and resources should she feel compelled to contend with ice and snow, keep the others warm and light their way through the dark North with fire. It was not a pleasant thought. The Commander appeared to see her reaction, fixed his eyes upon her and continued.

“The second way, you could travel through the Low Kingdom. Most there have been enslaved, and they continue to try and seek a way to penetrate the defences of the Jahata and take it from the Iron Oath. There is much conflict there, and you will be met with suspicion or aggression from both sides.” Here he fixed Serbasel with a penetrating gaze, taking in the symbols of Ekimelahw, and the steadfast manner in which the Ironblood carried himself. Serbasel’s resolve, so strong in the task at hand, waivered for a fraction of a second before reasserting itself. He could not knowingly enter that place, not knowingly enter a den of slavery and not defend the honour he found in Justice, could he?

“Or you could use the power of Terref you are carrying with you to complete the journey.” Ylva glanced over at Wayne, who looked at Seshmet, who turned to Xorphia, who winked at Serbasel, who glowered reproachfully and put a hand on his mace. This seemed to amuse the Commander, his lip curling into a wry smile. He shook his head and continued.

“As to those powers who may assist you. Maps are provided for the first two routes. I am happy for you to take them now, whilst you make your arrangements.Traveling over land will take at least three weeks. Traveling underground will take two.” He brought out an old, battered notebook, rifled through it, snapped it shut with a practiced ease and directed his next words to Wayne.

“Nushala Sarlen of the Harthalian Woods stands in defiance of The Saviour somewhere in the forests at the base of the Razorbacks. She holds with her the last spirits which The Saviour has yet to shackle to his purpose, though I do not know for how long she will continue to stand.” Wayne felt the power of shackles and Oaths rise, tantalisingly for a flicker, before it quieted within him, and he was fixed on the Commander once more.

“There are Oni who have fled The Hells with the death of the Dragon and the Oni Lords. I would caution you in your dealings with them. They will keep their word to the letter but will always have their own purpose.” A gleam from Seshmet’s eyes told Ylva and Xorphia that the word ‘cursed’ may soon emanate from the Ourousite, and they beckoned the Commander to continue. Xorphia, quietly put this information away in the corner of her mind where the presence of daemons lurked, she would return to seek them out when the task at hand was complete. If it didn’t change everything forever, of course.

“Under the Mountain I have heard tell of a warrior like no other who stands in defence of that realm and will allow none to pass. He is not one of mine, but if you could win him to your cause that would be a great boon.

Lastly, there are three individuals whose territory you shall cross if you travel over ground and whose deaths will serve me greatly. These are Mackie Hobbes, Darla Kuren and Stolvia Quale.” Wayne dutifully wrote these names down in his own notebook. Just in case.

The Commander’s hands spread, and he leans heavily on his desk, his intense, unblinking gaze staring into five sets of eyes in turn. It was almost unnerving for some, others returned the gaze with a determination that impressed the man before them.

“If you intend to go that way, tell me, and I shall grant you the weapon with which you must end them. If you do not intend to travel in that direction, do not induce me to waste my power pointlessly.”



Please note that you currently have 3 Understanding which I would encourage you to spend.

Action Type Cost
Ask a question of The Commander Interact 4 per question
Inspect the Power of a God Interact 5
Attempt to pierce the Commander’s protections                Threat 20-50
Attack the Commander Threat ???
Tell the Commander your route Interact 0
Begin to travel over land Movement 5 +2 per person
Begin to travel underground Movement 5 +2 per person
Use Terref’s Power to travel Interact ??? – Good description will assist.