RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Hard Six

The Group Plays Cards with Terref

As the group assented to the idea of playing cards, Terref gestured and they were whisked away. The baths are not a suitable locale for the playing of cards, after all. Instead, they found themselves in a great hall filled with laughing and the sounds of merriment. All around, people are engaged in games of chance. There are countless souls here; the same metaphysical nature which allowed the baths and feasting hall to function apparently at work here, and there must be a thousand upon a thousand games being played.

Terref is sat, naturally enough, at the head of the table. She deals the hands, and as she does, she talks.

“You are very bold, to speak so openly about your feelings.” She says, “I understand that you are joking. The Saviour is the Lord of Fate. Everything that happens does so because it is in accordance with his design. We play our parts, but the outcome of the game is already known; He will save this world. If it were not for Him, we would already have been destroyed a dozen times over by now.”

Her smile hasn’t faltered for even a second; not once in the entire time that you have been with her has there been even a hint of displeasure in her. And, now, you begin to play your game.

The cards are dealt and hands drawn. You play for what you have on your person; not a great deal, it must be said. The contents of your pockets and your accoutrements of the adventuring life. Perhaps you wouldn’t, ordinarily, wager so much or so recklessly, but playing cards with Terref you find that it is impossible to resist. The game, you tell yourselves, is not the point here. It is a means to an end, a means to conversation. But it is compelling, is it not? To pit your cards against those of your friends and of the God of Luck themself. If indeed, she is still the Goddess you know.

“That is why games of chance are so popular.” She says, “It shows one’s favour in the eyes of The Saviour. He knows every hand that will be dealt, every dice rolled, every coin flipped. I cannot escape Him, because He knows every move that will be made in this world before the first step has even been taken.”

Another round of cards, and Terref, for the tenth – or is it the hundredth, or the thousandth? It is hard to recall, exactly, how long you have been gaming, or when you began drinking the full, delicious wine which her attendants have brought you. It truly is wonderful stuff though; rejuvenating and full of life.

“The only way that we would ever obtain an outcome that He does not decree would be if we were to be beyond His sight, and that would, of course, be impossible. All in.”

She pushes her pile of accrued goods into the middle of the table, and along with it, a brilliant and shining golden dice. This, she sets spinning atop the pile, and you can feel the divine power radiating within it. Even those of you who have no magical training whatsoever can’t help but be aware of the grace with which the simple item has been imbued.

You have to match it. That’s simply what needs to happen right now. But what do you have?

Serbasel has Sovereign. The weapon of his Lady which serves as a true symbol of Her authority.

Ylvas, by this point, has only the sturdy boots upon her feet, those that have borne her far and wide across the land.

Seshmet has his headdress, which has kept him cool in the light of the unyielding sun.

Wayne has his cloak, which has kept him warm on a hundred rooftops.

And Xorphia…

Xorphia reaches into her pocket, and she doesn’t want to, but she feels her fingers close around the key of Naed, which feels so light in her hand for being such a potent thing. Only, Terref is smiling, and though her eyes are blindfolded, Xorphia feels that the Goddess is smiling for her.

And when she pulls out the key, it is in fact a small locket. Plain, steel, functional; and in its heart-shaped chamber is a compass.

“Well, would you look at that.” Terref said, mildly, as she laid down her hand and revealed five full jokers, an array of styles glimmering in bright mockery and defiance of reason. “It seems you’ve won the hand.”

And then she disappeared.

The Hound of Archibald

There was still a lingering sense of dread over the group; the God who owns this place was still searching out for something that did not fit, and they began to work their protections to try and confound His sight, even if they didn’t need to do so to speak freely any longer. Terref’s dice lay upon the table, and with it almost all of Her power. Enough remained, presumably, to sustain the angels and the Heavens, but they had what they needed.

They just needed to find some way out, before The Saviour’s wrath found them.

Only, something suddenly changed. The Priests could feel it; attuned as they are to the ways of Focus and Faith, there is a fluctuation in the Heavens as The Saviour’s attention is drawn suddenly and sharply away from this space. And it is at that moment the doors to the gambling halls burst inwards, to the shock and surprise of many.

The figure who stands in the doorway must be Tiberius. He stands tall, proud and unbowed. His armour is functional, simple, but utterly impervious to harm. His once-dark hair is silver and grey, his eyes dark and tired. Still, he radiates the familiar calm and confidence, and when he speaks, it is heard clearly across the gaming chamber.

“I know that you stand here, enemies of The Saviour.”

He drops, then, what he had held in his right hand. Kortanagry’s surprised face rolls to a stop at his feet.

“I know not what lies you peddled to win over the Judge. Nor do I know where you have stolen my sister to. But know that I will root you out. Turn yourselves over to me now, and your final destruction will be swift and painless. On that, you have my word.”


You gain the following magic items! Made magical, or Re-attuned to the strange fate in which you walk by the touch and blessing of Terref.

Serbasel – Sovereign – Provides 5 Fate Points to overcome locks and barriers.

Ylvas – Boots of Walking – Ylvas perform a Move action for free and may Move twice if she is passing through an area that has already been explored.

Seshmet – The Pilgrim’s Cloth – Grants 1 point of resistance to environmental effects.  

Wayne – The Night’s Cloak – Grants 3 additional Fate Points to any effort to hide from those that mean him harm.

Xorphia – The Traveller’s Compass – Will point the fastest route towards something or someone met by Xorphia before.

As a group you also have:

The Hard Six – The last vestige of Terref’s power. You do not know how much Fate this item contains.

Environmental Effect – Confrontation! You may only take 2 actions as a group. The Pilgrim’s Cloth thankfully keeps Seshmet’s head cool so he may take an additional solo action.


Confront Tiberius Threat 100-150
Recover Kortanagry’s Head Interact 4
Recover Kortanagry’s Head Stealthily Interact 4+stealth bonus
Hide From Tiberius Interact 80-120
Flee Movement 20+5 for each past the first
Use the Dice to Travel Elsewhere Interact ???
Hand Yourselves Over Interact 0