RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Oath

The Group Speaks With Thania about: Who she and Alain are, the history of the Resistance, which Timeline they are in, Kincaid’s group.

6 Fate assigned. 16 Fate Cost. 2 Fate discount from social skills.

First two questions achieved.

Thania shrugs her shoulders at the string of questions that come bubbling out of the group. There were a lot of them, all trying to speak and get to the heart of what they considered important. “Okay, okay.” She said, holding up her hands. “One at a time. Let’s take it easy, okay? You got my man back to me, so that’s great, but I don’t have time for 20 questions. Let’s focus on what’s important.”

“I am Thania Moran. You’ve already met Alain. We’re members of the Oath. We swore to defend the people of the land, no matter what, whether that be from monsters, soldiers, or their own leaders. There’s not many of us left, but I can’t tell you how many exactly. We’ve split into small groups and dispersed across the land, try to do what we can to fight off the King’s people and convince folks to stop sacrificing—”

She stops, and holds up her hand for a moment to gather her thoughts, taking a deep breath, she seems to find her centre.

“Archie is a right bastard. He’s been in our world for, hell, as long as anyone can remember. Mostly in the Unforgiving North. He’s a powerful man. When the Shadows came, though, that’s when things went mad. He came out of nowhere with this bloody great pyramid of his, destroyed the Shadows, chained up the Gods in the heart of it and people just… loved him, because he saved them. He’s convinced them that the only way to keep the world safe is to sacrifice themselves, burn out their lives for him, and he’ll keep them safe in heaven once it is all done.”

She takes another deep breath, visibly having to restrain her emotions.

“That is against everything we stand for. So we try to stop it. Show people that there’s another way, defend life, not bleed it out.”

The Group Speaks With Oathspeople About: How they learned of other fatelines, how they are supporting and travelling to and thro in the fatelines, the maces and daggers, how to remove Gillieabad from the maces.

6 Fate assigned. 16 Fate Cost. 2 Fate discount from social skills.

First two questions achieved.

Turning from Thania as she pauses, the group spread their attention through the rest of the gathered people. This provokes a slight frown from the Resistance Leader, but it isn’t as though she doesn’t have other work to be getting on with – which she does, immediately, turning her attention to continue organising her fellows.

The other Oathspeople are similarly in a rush and few have time to sit and explain everything to the throng of individuals now attempting to quiz them. However, the group are able – between them – to ascertain some of the answers that they are seeking.

The golden light which seems to be a common theme amongst many accounts is some kind of fate-altering magic. Most of the population do not even notice a change. The Oath all noticed, across the land, because accepting this change meant a violation of their Oath in the most fundamental way – as outlined by Thania. You all had noticed, perhaps protected by the Oaths you had yourselves sworn throughout your career, and how dearly you hold them in your heart. 

It was as they came together to discuss these matters and ponder what they had learned that Alain interrupted them. 

He seemed somehow less world-weary than he had before. The care and pain he had suffered in his long life was still writ across his features, but he carries the weight of it far more easily now. He rubs one hand over his bald head, and clears his throat.

“I’ve been watching, and you’ve impressed me. You’re asking the right people. Worried about the right things. And the big fella here has more muscle in him than I’d know what to do with.” He punches Seshmet playfully on the shoulder, and his bright white teeth almost seem to sparkle in the gloom. 

“Look. You can’t blame a fellow for being careful. But think about it. Rearrange the letters in my name… N. A…”

And it was at that point that a very familiar figure interrupted the scene. A loud voice, filled with both good cheer and exasperation. “That doesn’t work.” Kitsion Dathy said, pushing her way through the crowd of other Oathspeople. “I told you, you’re terrible at anagrams.”

The Oath Renewed

Kitsion Dathy – one of the most well-known and well-respected members of the Oath, Priestess of Naed, and towering half-orc filled with energy and enthusiasm, gave a knowing wink to Serbasel. “Should have known you’d find your way into all this, Copper.” She said, and a deep nod followed to Saxon, “Glad you could make it too. We’d have gotten word to you eventually, but everything has been happening pretty quickly.”

Alain chuckled, “Besides. We needed to make sure you weren’t going to go squirrely on us when the golden light came. See. Back home, when Archibald killed my Kitsion.” And at this, he wrapped his arm around the much taller woman’s shoulders and hugged her against him, “I abandoned the Heavens and came down to do what I could. Archibald conquered the Heavens, true enough, but I wasn’t there. I helped the small folk as best I could. And I drank. A lot.”

Kitsion sighed, heavily, and pinched the bridge of her nose. 

“Anyway.” Naed continued, “I didn’t have much of anything left, and the world was becoming a smaller and smaller place by the day. So, I took what I had, and slipped free.”

Kitsion interrupted at that point, “That’s what’s letting us go back and try to help.” She explained, “The portals are Freedom. The final, desperate gambit of Naed, hoping that we could go through and win back whatever lost cause is still left to fight. That place is a world without Freedom, without Hope, without any of us, really. The only ones who remain are the ones willing to bend the knee and pay any price to live, even if what’s left is no life at all.” 

Alain was quiet, but it is easy to see the pride he has for his Priest – even if she isn’t, really, ‘his’ Priest as such. “Passion seems to come so much easier here.” He said, with a sigh. “I don’t know how much longer the power will hold out. The more you disrupt Archibald’s plans, the more Freedom there is, the more I can keep it up… but I feel like he knows what you are all doing. He’s going to try and lock these doors, and I can’t promise that I’ll be able to get them open again if he does.”

Kitsion nodded, and looked between all of you. “So. The real choice you have to make here is whether you think you can do more good helping us, or staying here instead.”


Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Speak with Thania Interact Easy (Please let me know what question(s) specifically you are asking)
Speak with Naed Interact Easy
Speak with Kitsion Dathy Interact Easy
Go through the Freedom Portal Move Easy
Go Somewhere Else Move Depends where you want to go.
Return to and examine the Grim Matter Move Medium
Examine the Sunburst Interact Easy
Speak with Other Oathspeople Interact Easy
Gather Supplies Interact Easy