RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Scent of Blood

Xorphia, Ling and Gwen Steal Some Private Property

It is an easy enough thing for the group to find the Writ, and pocket that. The rest of Coldwell’s belongings prove to be fairly standard for a legitimate officer of the law. She has a satchel with her, in which she has a pair of manacles, a note and a handful of helms which they are free to snatch. She also has a dagger with a blood-red blade which can be handled, carefully, tucked into her boot. You immediately take and read the note as such things are rarely trapped and always useful.


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Serbasil and Xorphia Examine the Brand


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The mark that has burned itself onto Serbasel’s brow is one that neither Xorphia or Serbasel have seen before. It does not have any Wyld or Source power within it. It is made all the more difficult to examine by the fact that it is winking in and out of reality; one moment it is there, the next it is the familiar Mark of the High Judge instead.

It seems instead to be Focus-based. Serbasel has to enter a meditative trance in order to examine his own soul in order to find the effect of it. It is hard to get a precise lock on its effect, because the effect is only there to examine every three seconds or so before it is gone again.

After several minutes of intense concentration, Serbasel is able to get a feel for the purpose of the Brand. It is similar in nature to the Hanged Man’s Mark or the Mark of the Outlaw; it is designed to ensure that, in the event of his death, he cannot be returned to life and his soul is sent directly to the proper authority for immediate judgement. It will also resist attempts to conceal or hide the Brand, so that Serbasel cannot hide this judgement from others.

The Mark of the High Judge is engaged in direct battle with this Mark, though; as though the power of Ekimelahw recognises that this is a judgement with no authority behind it and is attempting to erase the Brand from existence. The power behind each symbol is in a stalemate, however, mirrored by the struggle in the afterlife…

Serbasel and Xorphia Examine the Mace

Saxon holds the mace out for inspection and he can feel that it could be activated at his will. A thought, and he could summon the power that is bound within the mace.

That would probably be a bad idea. It is dead to focus magics, and source magics, but Xorphia can sense that inside each of the maces there is a tiny spirit; probably no larger than a Fellaqiq. It is kept in a constant state of agony. When the mace is ‘activated’, the pain the spirit has been kept in is released around the head of the mace, and anything struck by the head of the mace is turned into ‘sacrifice’ which rejuvenates the ritual keeping the spirit in pain, forming a constant feedback loop of suffering and making the maces more effective the longer they are used.

This is pure Abomination, and the fact that the components of the mace seem to have been mass-produced in a fashion similar to complex artifice components, has very disturbing connotations.

If kept, each Mace (of which there are 3) will add 1 Point to overcome a threat.

The Scent of Blood

You stand amidst the bodies you have made and searched. Alain remains shackled in place, and from his dark expression that does not seem to have pleased him. “Will you stop pissing about with the bodies and get me out of here?” He demands, “I’ve wasted enough time already.”

It is an easy thing to dismiss. Alain is clearly an irritable soul, and he has not been patient throughout this entire process – or reasonable, for that matter. But as he says it, you feel that there is some real urgency in his words.


Action Type Fate Points
Examine the Writ Magically Interact 4
Take the Manacles Interact 0
Take the Blood-Red Dagger Interact 0
Examine the Blood-Red Dagger Interact 4
Take the Helms Interact 0
Decode the Note in Real Life Interact 0
Have the System Decode the Note Interact 4
Dispel the Brand Threat 15
Free Alain Interact 4
Follow Alain Interact 4+1 per person
Speak With a Corpse Interact Between 4-8 each
Destroy a Mace Interact 1-3 (1 per Mace obliterated)
Keep a Mace Interact 0

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