RoC Online – Group Wraith – The Silent Keep

“This place is strange, where are we?”

The figure does not seem to be one given to speaking much. The question does earn a raised eyebrow, however. The answer is plain and simple:

“This is my office.”

His expression is dark, and he steps around his desk so that he is standing in Wayne’s personal space. Strangely, even though this ought to be an intimidating gesture, there is a sense of undeniable peace which flows from the armoured figure. Wayne has never seen this man’s face before, and yet he feels that he does know him – somehow, on some level. The same feeling steals over Ylva, though not the others in the room.

“Which.” He continues, “Is located within The Silent Keep. Now. The head.”

It is not a question this time. Whoever this person is, they are not accustomed to repeating themselves, and the finality with which they speak the sentence implies that this is not a state of affairs which is likely to change.  

Examining the Figure

It is incredibly difficult for any of those present to truly get a read on this man. There is nothing in his body language which gives anything away about him other than the clear authority and stern bearing which he projects as naturally as he breathes. This is a man who is used to command; though he does not hold himself like a soldier, he is perhaps a commander or a high-ranking member of the clergy. His authority comes from his knowledge rather than from his physical prowess, though he is doubtless an individual with some manner of facility in that regard given the armour and tabard that he wears so easily.

It is easy to tell that as he is scrutinised, so he in turn scrutinises all of you. His gaze looks right through to the core and quick of you, and you can feel that you are being weighed and understood. Interestingly, there is no judgement in his gaze; there is only the cold, calm, cool and dispassionate assessment of the people who presently stand before him.

His manner of speech is similarly calm and measured. He is considered in what he says; there are no wasted words, nor does he seem given to elaborate beyond what is necessary to answer your question. Precision, in his dress, his mode of speech, and his every possession within the room, seems to be of utmost importance.

Bringing your various magics to bear does yield some interesting results. There is, at first, no immediate change nor anything obviously different about this man. He looks to be a Focus-wielding priest of Tiberius and little more. However, the more you scrutinise with magical forces – and the more you look deeper into him, the more you get the sense that there is indeed something being concealed from you.

The only immediate hint of this is that his shadow is extraordinarily deep, and it always seems to shift subtly such that it is falling at a frustrating angle for magical sights to see; the shadows cast in this room mirror that quality, forming a deeper darkness which it is extremely difficult to penetrate, though as those who have the means to observe such compare their findings they are absolutely certain that there is some form of incredibly potent magical protection upon him, designed to prevent the scrying of magical forms.

Examining the Room

As the man had stated, this is his office, and as you turn your attention to it you are able to infer a great deal about the purpose to which it has been put.

This man is in the midst of a campaign. It takes both Seshmet and Serbasel to realise exactly what the campaign is about, as each come at it from different directions and it is only when they begin to compare notes that it makes a great deal of sense.

For Serbasel, this looks almost like an investigation. There are lists of names and last known locales, known associates and reams upon reams of dates and times. The organisation of this information has been achieved by a ferociously ordered mind; but it is not structured in the fashion that he would do so. There are too many logistical notes, and there are vast numbers of individuals being coordinated in the search – far more than the Halls of Justice would ever mobilise to find a suspect, because the sheer number of people that are being mobilised in the effort will obscure evidence and alert any suspicious parties as to the movements of the investigators. There does not seem to be any effort to split duties between the traditional ‘Inquisitor’ and ‘Peacekeeper’ style; instead, the one doing all the planning and investigation is in this room, and all others dedicated to the search are devoted only to following his orders, not to investigating matters on their own. The reports which have come back from these movements are characteristically terse and factual, but light on any inferences or extrapolation from the variables – and he does not seem to be interested in informing each group about the results of the others.

For Seshmet, this looks like the planning and execution of a military campaign – except that the individual in question has not set out anywhere near the level of strategic detail which would normally be required. On a strategic basis, it looks like the overarching aim is to capture people from a long list of names – a few hundred in all – but it is being executed by large contingents of forces moving into and through areas with the intent of sweeping all before them and finding their targets.

This is fine, except that the planning here is too bound up in the tactical. The planning betrays a detail-oriented approach, but the planner seems to be more interested in ascertaining the location of the individuals in question, mapping out the local terrain and identifying every ground-level tactical consideration which might be relevant. There is no attention paid to overarching strategy; no attempt to distinguish between targets, prioritise those who may be in support of each other, or share lessons learned between each report.

Overall, it feels like this is an investigation which is being planned as though it were a military exercise, with the result that neither methodology is being applied particularly well.


Action Type Cost
Ask a question of the stranger Interact 4 per question
Inspect the power of a God Threat 5-10
Attempt to pierce the stranger’s protections Interact 20-50
Hand over Kortanagry’s Head Interact 0
Leave the room Movement 2+1 per person beyond the first
Attack the Stranger Threat ???