RoC Online – Group Wraith – Where Angels Fear to Tread

Standing before the golden portal in the basement of the Oath building, you are struck by the palpable sense of menace which radiates from it. This is a terrifying thing; a tear in the very fabric of reality itself, which beckons into a new and uncertain fate. Though the magic which sustains it may well be the essence of Freedom, there is something in the shimmering portal that reminds you; this is the Freedom of an entire world, being burned up in a desperate attempt to save itself.

You check your weapons and protections; the power of Ourus, Ekimelahw, fire, flame, steel and Oath, and then, together, you step through and feel the power wash over you.

A Blinding Light…


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And when it recedes, you stand before Kortanagry.

This is not the Kortanagry that you knew. He stands before a great pair of wrought-iron gates, an immense figure clad in shadow shot through with light. His features are impossible to see behind the smooth white plate of his protective mask, from which juts a sharp horn. His eyes are dark slits; pitiless and without mercy, only judgement.

The gate is set into a wall of blood-red stone. The chamber you are in seems to stretch for miles in all directions, made of that same, uniform material. There are souls here; thousands of them, pale and indistinct, making their way towards Kortanagry and apparently unaware of your presence.

In one hand he holds a spear as tall as he, the blade shining with Divine power. In the other, he holds a book, open, though the moment you arrive it slams shut with finality. The moment that he does, the souls, awaiting judgement, wink out of existence, leaving only you and the towering figure.

You are vaguely aware that ribbons of golden light continue to wrap themselves around you, leading to that portal of golden light behind. It seals up with a dreadful noise, and as it does, Kortanagry lowers his spear towards you.

“You are borne here by the Traitor’s hand. Lay down your weapons and surrender to my judgement or be destroyed.”

His is a voice which brooks no argument, no concession, no debate. The butt of his spear slams into the smooth, red stone floor and a legion of faceless soldiers, armed with a variety of weapons, emerge from the space around you – surrounding you in all directions with their cold and unyielding master behind them.


Reminder: Unspent fate points will carry over to the next day. Good use of skills/tactics may reduce the cost of tasks.

You currently have 26 Fate Points to spend.

Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Try to Diffuse the Situation With Diplomancy Interact 40
Drop Your Weapons & Surrender Interact 5
Overcome the Soldiers Threat 10-20
Overcome Kortanagry Threat 30-50


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