RoC Online – Tears of the Judge

RoC Online – Group Wraith – Tears of the Judge

Xorphia and Saxon Conduct a Ritual

25 Fate spent, 20 Fate Refund

It was as they were preparing the ritual that they found the key Xorphia had been given; it glowed a bright and shining blue as they laid out their accoutrements and prepared to call upon the power of the Gillieabad.

They could, each of them, feel with dawning horror the state of the spiritual world in this place. As Xorphia calls out to the Gilleabad and hopes to hear their answer, she is instead met only with weeping and sounds of pain. As her sight lifts to see the frolicking spirits which make up the world, she instead is confronted with the true and terrible horror of the place in which she stands

Saxon can feel it too. This Heaven is encapsulated in a place which is of the Gillieabad; and as the pair attune themselves to the wyld in this world they can taste the coppery blood of innocents. This Heaven is surrounded on all sides by a sanguine ocean; it floats within the lifeblood of countless people.

But they do not have only the Gillieabad of this tormented and abominable world to call upon. Through the key, they can feel the link back to the world as it should be; to the Gillieabad that they know and love so well.

And through that connection they reach out to Kortanagry, recounting the story of Ekimelahw and her incorruptible nature…

… only to find that this being is not corrupted. He is entirely consistent with his nature. He is not ensnared or compelled by any external force, he is only conducting his duty.

All is, in this world, exactly as it must be.

Seshmet Defends the Ritual

0 Fate spent. 10 additional fate granted because Seshmet is Powerful. 10 Threat.

When Xorphia and Saxon began their ritual, the servants of Kortanagry surged forwards as one. If they were assailing any other group, it is likely that the pair would have been overwhelmed in short order – but Seshmet stood ready to defend his fellows, and where so many would be cowed by the thought of battling the servants of an Archangel, Seshmet had stood against greater threats countless times. He would not be cowed, he would not bend, and he would not give an inch of ground.

Holy Power surged into existence as he slammed his hammer into the ground, summoning an impenetrable barrier of force against which the servants broke like sand cast against the walls of a great city. There was only one point of entrance; and in it stood Seshmet, hammer in hand and the righteous vengeance of Ourus in his heart.

His God had demanded that he step forward and help the divinities of the Royal Basin, and he had found that they had been rendered into some form of mockery? This was not the Kortanagry that had so loyally served Ekimelahw. This was some fool who dared bar the passage of those who were come to help!

The blades of his enemies shattered upon his golden armour, and his hammer made a mockery of their shields, splintering their protection and casting their broken forms back to the ground.

“You think you will lay a finger upon them?!” He bellowed over the clash and clatter of heaven-forged steel, “Continue to raise your arms against them, and I shall break them off!”

Serbasel Intercedes with Kortanagry

Seeing the carnage begin in his court, Kortanagry strode forwards with spear in hand. Serbasel had stood before Kortanagry more times than any mortal should, but this was not his Kortanagry (#notmyKortanagry). Even this one, though, must surely respect the proper procedure – and this could not be that.

He raised the Cavalier Scroll high. That symbol of authority to a group tasked with the proper administration of justice across all the lands, that symbol which demanded parlay and truth. Kortanagry raised his spear regardless, and behind that faceless mask, perhaps Serbasel could glimpse sight, not only of a Judge, but of Jury and Executioner as well…

But at the last, as the spear came within inches of the scroll, Kortanagry hesitated. He drew up short, and he bent down to examine the scroll closer.


Before, Kortanagry’s voice had thundered with undeniable and dispassionate authority. Now, though, there was a trace of doubt. He faltered, and as Serbasel spoke words of challenge, of the way the world had been before the Saviour’s coming, Kortanagry drew backwards, and sighed, heavily.

“They are not prisoners.” He said, slowly. “Those who survived the Saviour’s conquest are subjects of His will, or fugitives. Imaris was one of the first to die. Imaris stood with Ekimelahw, as did so many others. We would not bow to tyranny, and She was… unmade. Along with the others.”

Around them, Kortanagry’s servants melted away, the assault upon the circle finally fading. One hand reached up, and he pulled away the helmet which covered his face.


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Beneath, his was a kind face. Gentle, aged, but not ancient. There was empathy in his eyes, an understanding of what had driven those who stood before him to do so – which had been entirely absent prior to the moment the scroll was produced.

“He took Her mantle, because His law is the only law that is allowed to exist. There is no balance, there is only Him. I could not leave my post. Doing so would have jeopardized two hundred and sixty four thousand, nine hundred and thirteen souls, even at the lowest ebb in that terrible conflict. By the time He reached me, He had Her power, and I could not resist him.”

Tears rolled down his cheeks at the memory, still fresh and raw after all this time.

“I do not know what trickery Naed has accomplished to allow you to stand before me with Imaris’ blessing and Her power in your heart, but it gives me hope. If there is any way you can restore Her and bring true Law back, it must be done. Take the survivors, Cavalier, and return from whence you came. You will find Terref in the Halls of Pleasure, Tiberius in the Training Fields, though I do not know if he will come. Notelexus hides, as he fears the Saviour but will not flee him as Naed did. I would look to the shadows, but again, I know not how you will coax him from his place and convince him to join you.”


Reminder: Unspent fate points will carry over to the next day. Good use of skills/tactics may reduce the cost of tasks.

You currently have 21 Fate Points to spend.

Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Pass Through the Gates Movement 2+1 per person
Ask a Question of Kortanagry Interact 4