RoC Online – Week 1 Finale – The One Who Is King Over All

Phillip Checks Wyld Magic

(1 Fate Discount)

The world of spirits is barren.

It is a terrifying thing to see; as Phillip calls out to the Gilleabad and hopes to hear their answer, he is instead met only with weeping and sounds of pain. As his sight lifts to see the frolicking spirits which make up the world, he instead is confronted with the true and terrible horror of the place in which he stands.

Each of these ships is an abomination. A Fellaqiq is shackled within their hearts, fed on blood and pain, forged in chains of steel and fire and forced to lift the ships.

There is more. As he recoils in shock at the sheer torment these spirits are forced to endure, his wild vision looks, briefly, away from the ships – as though he could turn his sight from them and be troubled no more.

But the Keep itself is red not just in the stone on which he stands, but in the oceans of blood which have seeped into it. The Keep’s heart is bound with the sun; a blinding light which sears and burns as She Whose Heart Is Kept silently screams for all time-

And then he is back amongst his fellows, blood trickling from his eyes.

The Group Speak with Dazak about ‘Him’, the Lady and Archibald

Dazak seems somewhat surprised when the investigation does not continue. It had only been a suggestion, but even this version of him is a man who is used to his suggestions being followed. Regardless, whatever he experienced during the time that Honest John replaced him seems to have given him some regard for your group as the questions mount. He waits for Ingenium to return before he begins to answer.

He also does not seem concerned by Phillip’s sudden discomfort. Instead, he does his best to give simple answers to the questions which are concerning you so greatly.

“The Lady. I will begin with her, as it is the simplest matter. She has been responsible for many evils in her time. She is very skilled at politics and manipulation, and there are some who fear that she may turn the mind of the King as well. Many more who wish he had simply killed her, rather than put her to service. But that is not his way.”

“Regardless, he is not foolish. Whilst he, and I, believe that he has broken her and she will not betray him, we keep close watch to ensure that she does not act outside the remit granted to her. She does not amass power to herself, and she will never supplant the King.”

“We are in a time of war, here.” He says, hands clasping behind his back. “I do not know what it was like where you are from, but your… appearance, here, is not the strangest event we have seen, which is why I was inclined to listen to what you had to say to begin with.”

“Our Shadows rose against us, countless enemies struck from every quarter, and if it were not for certain desperate efforts made to prevent it, all would have been lost.

The man whose impression you sense in the Astral and the Source is the man who has kept us together. He is our King. When the world seemed it was to be overrun, he revealed the power of the Keep, the Nexus reborn, and he has gathered to himself the power needed to hold this world together and keep it safe. Himself, with the Gilleabad and the power of The Saviour; The One Who Walks Amongst Us.”

And when you ask about Archibald, that is when Dazak nods, relief clear in his expression.

“That is right.” He says, and, at your confusion, he frowns. “We do not use that name for him very often. Titles have power. But that is who I am speaking of.

King Archibald Urdegrith the First of Daer Akmir.”

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